WIAW #44 – Cuppa Tea for Anyone?

Oh what a joy to be back in the WIAW game.  Cheers to Jenn at Peas & Crayons for hosting such a wonderful fete.  As promised, I have accumulated a whole bunch of photos (too many if we are really being honest) of what I ate and wanted to eat while on my British Adventure. The Brits aren’t usually known for their food, but I have to say, they’ve improved their game.  Not so much in terms of fish and chips; I was less than impressed with the fried cod and mushy peas, but their scones and Ploughman’s platters (cheese anyone?) were divine.  I probably could have eaten the jam with simply a spoon and well, I may have at one of our tea stops.  But how could you not when it’s that good?

IMG_2410 IMG_8819Now, I’m not usually a fan of big + heavy breakfasts, but the UK is known for their lavish affair in the morning.  However, because we rented out a flat for the first week in London, we packed in our own breakfasts. This was mainly PB+toast (what my dad eats EVERY.SINGLE.DAY so it was new and different 😉 ) along with bananas, apples, energy bars (KIND and Kid’s Cliff) and Damson Jam.  My friend Alexis alerted me to this tart tasting jam, unique to the UK and I fell in love.  After finishing one jar, I spent the remainder of the trip searching out more.

The best part of our only hot breakfast was probably the eggs, Canadian style bacon, and my own pot of pressed coffee.  🙂IMG_8468Lunch is usually a hit or miss.  Do you go with salad, soup, sandwich?  My dad goes with the normal sandwich + chips + carrots every day (notice a trend?) and we were lucky to find so many chain health food/sandwich shops.  Pret a la Manger was one of the big ones, along with chain coffee stores Cafe Nero and Costa Coffee.  IMG_8494 IMG_8500 IMG_8515For a girl who loves her sauce, I was in 7th heaven when I stumbled upon this brand.  It’s sort of like a BBQ sauce, but with a tangy taste.  Ok, not sure if that is the best description, but it’s all I got.  It was mighty good.  IMG_8516 IMG_9086A lovely Ploughman’s Platter – sometimes accompanied by a mince pie and usually split between my mom and I.  I know after this plate, I was so full from cheese I decided to go on a cheese-cleanse.  Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts 😉  IMG_8717 IMG_8939 IMG_8568

HARRY POTTER BUTTERBEER!!! Best.Thing.Ever.  I swear, I’m going to learn how to make it and share the recipe because it was so delicious.  I was limited to one cup by the madre 😉 but have no fear, I will discover the secret. IMG_8588 IMG_8938 IMG_9083This was the day where I started to get Bronchitis symptoms.  Sore throat + body aches + cough (all the good stuff) = time for vitamin C.  I was excited to see that one of the stores actually sold juices, so I picked up this concoction (“Energize Your Day” : apple, celery, lemon, cucumber, ginger)IMG_8848 IMG_8849 IMG_8694Now, we didn’t eat here but I had to share it.  After reading Harry Potter, I don’t think I’ll think the same thing again about “snogging”.  If you are an HP fan, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 🙂  IMG_8807 IMG_8941Tea is a pretty common occurrence for the British.  They advertise it like crazy over there and I made sure that we had our fill.  Meghan would dab just a wee bit of butter on her scone, as well as pull out all of the raisins (which I would then consume) but I would end up globing on as much butter and jam as humanly possible.  I mean, it is vacation, right? IMG_8697Fortnam and Mason is known for having some of the best jam around and this is where I picked up my Damson variety.  They have a room full of different tea, coffee, and cookie tins and it’s oh so fun to explore.  IMG_8940 IMG_8530 IMG_8637Do you ever like looking at all the different candies or foods abroad? I’ve never heard of some of them but the Twirl and Flake chocolate are especially popular.  There were a lot of ice cream trucks around town that sold soft serve ice cream topped with a Flake candy.  We never got around to trying it, but I made sure to pick up a scoop or two of actual ice cream. 🙂 According to our tour guide, you are not on “holiday” until you’ve had a scoop of ice cream on a cone.  Well, that works for me.  IMG_9085I’ve decided that I am going to be picky about my ice cream.  I only like vanilla bean ice cream, not French vanilla and only will indulge in strawberry if it’s the real thing.  Ok, let’s be real, I’ll end up eatting most types of ice cream 🙂 IMG_8956I hope you have enjoyed this look at my international eats.  For more pictures of my time abroad, check out Monday and Tuesday‘s posts.  Have a lovely Wednesday!

What are some of your favorite things to eat abroad or on vacation?


6 thoughts on “WIAW #44 – Cuppa Tea for Anyone?

  1. That food looks so good! Confession: I want to travel to different places mostly for the food. My sister has made butterbeer before, but she’s never actually had butterbeer so not sure how close it really is.

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