Last Look at United Kingdom Adventures

Ok, so I’m almost finished posting about my adventures. We took so many different trips around the United Kingdom and it’s safe to say I have over 1500 pictures. Here we go with a few of favorites from the past couple weeks.

We took a trip outside of London to visit the Harry Potter set and Warner Brother Studio Tour. I never even considered how many props that were needed for each film. Thousands of knick-knacks were created along with hundreds of special effects helped make the films so magical and surreal. If you are a Harry Potter fan, I highly recommend taking this trip. There is an audio guide included in the tour that points out all the essential areas of the museum, along with some additional videos.

IMG_2289 IMG_2292 IMG_2317 IMG_2338 IMG_2344


Now, a vacation isn’t complete without some shopping, right? Since my mom was the most familiar with the area, having studied abroad in the UK and lived outside of the city, she knew where to take us – Liberty, Fortnam & Mason, and Harrods. I considered it more of an experience to walk through the stores rather than purchase some of their overpriced items.

IMG_2494 IMG_8695 IMG_2495 IMG_8698We were going to try to have tea at F&M, but the line and prices were a little too much. So instead, we picked up a scone and wandered through the aisles of jam and preserve. IMG_2497

We also took a day or so out in the Cotswolds to bike around and experience the country. My dad found this lovely company (Cotswolds Country Cycles) that set us up with bikes, routes, maps, and the most adorable B&B in Chipping Camden. The lovely woman who runs the program, Julia, had us over for sandwiches and tea, set us up with bikes and helmets, and then we were on our way. We biked about 10 miles on Thursday to explore the area and of course the weather was not in our favor and it began to pour a couple miles into the journey. Thursday night we went to Stratford-Upon-Avon to see a Shakespeare play (As You Like It), which was much better than “Taming of the Shrew”, but still quite long and well…Shakespeare. If you happen to be in the area and are looking for a restaurant, we ate at the Lazy Cow and I’ll just say, it was one of my favorite meals of the trip. Bit of a US sort of fare as I had a salmon salad and my sister had ribs. But boy, it was all scrumptious!

On Friday we set off on the real journey, about 30 or so miles through the countryside. It was absolutely gorgeous weather and a perfect way to spend part of our trip. As you may have noticed, we are an active family and anything that keeps us on the move is perfect.

IMG_2762 IMG_2641 IMG_2644 IMG_4108 IMG_2652 IMG_2700 IMG_2715 IMG_2723 IMG_2719 IMG_2737 IMG_2766Well my friends, that pretty much sums up our travels to the United Kingdom. I’m ready for some time at home (maybe a vacation from my vacation) and am embarking on the real world. Still working out some details but will make sure to fill you in on anything big 🙂 Let’s just say I’m looking to switch things up big time.

“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you like to be active on vacation?


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