Trending Tuesday – Drinks Ahoy!

First off, I wanted to spread the word about this wonderful website called The Flairist.  Basically it’s an online magazine that encourages women to lead the type of lifestyle they want and provides a number of resources and opportunities for women and their career.  This page gives an excellent description of what it’s about.  I highly recommend checking it out!

Alright, onto beverages.  Sure water is the healthiest option, but it’s all about moderation.  We are quite fortunate to live in a world where there are so many options of things to eat and drink.  Juices, smoothies (green smoothies), coffee, tea (boba too), etc.

Do you ever go through phases where you obsess over a drink or food and order it everywhere you go?  For awhile it was Shirley Temple’s, lemonade, Arnold Palmer’s, iced tea, and then club soda.  Fast forward a few years, enter Barcelona, enter college, and I have crossed over to the dark side and am now a daily consumer of coffee.  Ah, how mature.  However, I do pride myself on saying that it’s not the uber sugary frappacuinos (but, I admit, it usually involves a tad bit of vanilla syrup or some creme…what can I say, I have a huge sweet tooth)

Here are a few of my favorites from the past couple of weeks.  I’ve mixed up a few drinks of my own and the recipes should be out on the blog shortly.

IMG_9149Honestly not a huge fan of Peet’s coffee, but I was meeting a family friend there, so I went with iced coffee + almond milk. IMG_9151This was a coconut milk smoothie I concocted the other day and was IN LOVE.  I’ll make sure to post it soon.
IMG_9173Yes, I’ve jumped on the juice train trend.  Like kombucha, it takes awhile to fully accept all the strange flavors in a cup.  This wasn’t my best choice, but after I added some lemon juice, it was pretty good. “Healthy Greens” = spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, apple, beet, ginger.

One of my favorites from London was called “Energize Your Day” and included: apple, celery, lemon, cucumber, and ginger.  I think the ginger + lemon is a solid combo for making any juice worthwhile (bearable?) until your taste buds fully adjust.

ZINC OVERLOAD 🙂 Ah, the best place to eat in Laguna/Corona Del Mar.  I was lucky enough this past weekend to visit this place twice!  An iced vanilla coffe + soy milk on day 1 and vanilla latte on day 2. Ah heaven when paired with a cherry scone. (I plan to attempt that recipe this week as well)IMG_9217 IMG_9242So I talked a little bit last week about Pimms and the UK’s fascination with the liquor.  It’s a very British drink and so when I was at the Five Crowns (Lawry’s restaurant set in the British style) in Corona Del Mar the other day, I decided to give it a try.  It was paired with a selection of fruits and veggies (as all Pimm’s drinks are) and was mixed with wine.  I would have recommended a sparkling wine to give it the extra edge, but was perfectly paired with my halibut for the night. 
IMG_9258This was most certainly a treat.  I’ve grown into the phase where I like coffee more than lattes.  However, this was too good of an offer to pass up.  My mom and I were running errands and stopped by the local bakery Porto’s.  This place is family run and is well known across Southern California.

The perfect combination of sweet and milky, almost like a gingerbread latte according to my mom.  I’ve never had a gingerbread latte (shocker, I know), but I trust my mom.  They had a wide variety of options of beverages, almost too many too choose from.  There was also a host of options of meals and food to go.  Just look at the sweets below.  Yes, there was “real” food too.  This is just where my eyes immediately go when I enter a store.  

Some of my other favorites, which are not included here are: authentic milkshakes (you know, the ones that arrive in a tall glass & silver canister), Trader Joe’s green tea, boba tea, and guava juice from Hawaii.

One day I plan to have a coffee shop that knows my order.  But, seeing as I can never decide on the same drink to order, I’ll just hope they know my name 😉

What’s your go-to beverage/splurge besides water?


2 thoughts on “Trending Tuesday – Drinks Ahoy!

  1. Oh my goodness, my grandma LOVES Five Crowns in CDM and insists on wrangling the whole family together anytime we are all home! Next time we go, I need to get some Pimms! I think my favorite drink to splurge on is a massive iced coffee with a little bit of milk and a tad of sweetener. I don’t HAVE to have milk and sweetener, but like you, I have a sweet tooth and adding those two things definitely make it more of a treat for me 🙂

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