WIAW #47 – Summertime Eats

The past few days have been mighty nice out here in California.  Sunny days + not too warm + lots of outdoor activities = plenty of fun.  Yesterday I shared my thoughts on the art of conversation, especially in terms of my age-group and generation.  But, let’s back up a bit.  On Friday night, I was able to attend my first Dodger game of the season.  We’ve been going since I was a baby, so I’m a die-hard fan.  The recent fan-favorite Puig had a less than impressionable game, but they still came out with a win.  (GO BLUE!)  Also, because it’s Los Angeles, there were quite a number of celebrities out.  We even got to see Jon Hamm in the flesh.  He must have been filming something because he and a few other individuals would walk up and down the aisles with video cameras between innings.

You would think I would go for a hot dog, especially since it’s a Dodger game, but honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of Dodger dogs.  Instead, I sampled the Vegan Chili Sandwich.  I really couldn’t taste any difference between that and a regular chili sandwich, but I probably ruined it’s “healthy” status with the overwhelming amount of condiments.  Oh well.  I also split some Gordon Biersch garlic fries with my friend but was less than impressed.  Soggy and lacking in flavor.

Saturday = Garage Sale + solo hike on the trails + girl’s night out.  My mom, sister, and I picked up some things at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena and then ate out at Blaze Pizza.  It was my first time at the make-your-own pizza place and I was in love.  Think of it as a pizza-styled Subway, but better.


On Sunday, I headed up to Lake Arrowhead with a few old friends.  For the next 24 hours, we were able to rest, relax, and soak up the gorgeous surroundings.


Alright, for a full day of eats.  Let’s look at Tuesday.  Started out with half of this KIND bar before going to work out on the elliptical.  I finished the other half later in the morning when my “blood sugar was feeling low.”  I highly doubt my blood sugar count was actually low (goodness knows I have no clue how to calculate it), but it’s a phrase my family likes to use.


When I got back from the gym, I tested my luck with a green smoothie and actually found success.  This is a recipe that my friend from college uses (pretty much on the daily), so I was quite pleased with the result.


Almond-Banana Power Smoothie
Serves 1
1 cup almond milk
1 cup spinach
1/4 cup oats
1/2 frozen banana
1 scoop protein powder
1-2 tbsp almond (any nut) butter

I ended up working on various projects including job search + scrapbooking + errands.  I also had to finish up the last part of Monday’s Bachelorette since I had fallen asleep before it ended.  Anyone else watch the Bachelorette?  Once I was finished with that, I started listening to TED talks online.  More on that subject in the next couple days.

Lunch was a nice little surprise when my mom came home with our favorite – passion fruit tea with tapioca pearls along with a pork bun.  I supplemented it with some of the weekend’s leftover grilled veggies.


The rest of the afternoon was filled with errands for our upcoming Lake Mead trip and more scrapbooking.  I had it in my head that I needed to finish our UK adventures scrapbook, or at least get the pictures on pages.  I did end up getting a majority of the scrapbook accomplished and just need to write in subtitles and such.  From there, I complied a snack of watermelon, celery + sunflower seed butter, and grapes.  An odd, but epic combination before hiking the back trails.

IMG_9513Dinner consisted of our own version of eggplant parmesan.  Basically eggplant is one of my favorite vegetables and I swear I could eat it every single day.  I even found a recipe from someones’ blog for eggplant pizza crust.


Basically, we sliced the eggplant into thin slices.  From there, we browned a segment of ground beef (or turkey or sausage) and make the tomato marinara sauce based on the package’s instructions.  Add a layer of sauce to a pan (we used a ceramic bowl) and alternate – sauce + eggplant + cheese (light feta + parm).  Once finished, place in the oven (~400) for about 15 minutes or until the eggplant is tender.

Unpictured: my sweet tooth won again.  Even though I inhaled quite a lot of natural sugars between my smoothie and breakfast KIND bar, I have an urge to have a sweet treat later in the day.  Lately it’s been strawberries with a little whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream.

For more food fun, hop on over to Jenn’s page at Peas & Crayons.  She even has a recent recipe for a homemade cookie cake (posted yesterday) and it looks oh so scrumptious.

Any good eats? What are your thoughts on the conversation culture and the impact of cellphones in our lives?

9 thoughts on “WIAW #47 – Summertime Eats

  1. I read your post yesterday and thought it was such a cool idea! Putting phones in a hat and paying for dinner if you touch yours- that’s one way to make sure you stay technology free! Anyways, that pizza place sounds delicious! I love food at baseball games. All of it. Yum.

  2. Oh my gosh I already miss California! The weather was perfect there! When I arrived home from orientation, it was dark, cold, and cloudy here. I went from wearing tank tops and shorts to jeans and a sweatshirt. I can’t wait to go back. As for the cookie cake, I saw that earlier and freaked out. I even pinned it… and I’m considering making one…

  3. My green smoothie is almost exactly the same! Love those things! And I don’t think you missed out by not getting a Dodger Dog. They’re not worth the hype.

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