WIAW #48 – Good Eats on Lake Mead

WELCOME WEDNESDAY!  It’s that time of the week to share some fun eats.  I know the title of Jenn’s posts are called “What I Ate Wednesday” but I’ll be honest, I usually forget to take pictures on these days.  Shocker, I know.  I’m the type of person who has the iPhone at the ready to capture any piece of food that passes through my presence.


Yesterday I shared a little bit about my trip to Lake Mead, so it’s only fitting that I share what we ate over the weekend.  There were a total of four families on the boat and each of us took on a meal or two.  Breakfast and dinner were our biggest meals and the rest of the day was spent snacking on something or another.  It was so darn hot that we honestly didn’t have a full appetite for lunch. But I sure enjoyed the variety of snacks we had access to 😉

IMG_4448_Fotor_Collage - bfast

  • Hot coffee or this lovely new product from Trader Joes (1 part coffee and 2 parts milk or water – great iced with cinnamon and a bit of almond milk)
  • French toast with bacon and fruit salad
  • Breakfast burritos – scrambled eggs, bacon & sausage, fruit salad, sauteed veggies, salsa, avocado or guacamole…OLE!
  • Yogurt & granola parfaits with some fresh strawberries & peaches (Did you know August is peach month?)


  • celery or rice cakes + sunflower seed butter
  • CANDY CANDY CANDY – Swedish Fish, gummy bears (best come from SPROUTS), Red Vines, See’s candies, yogurt pretzels
  • Fruit: apples, watermelon (absolute favorite), grapes, cherries, & strawberries galore
  • Chobani yogurt flips

HORS D’OEURVESIMG_3393_Fotor_Collage snack

  • Chips + Guacamole
  • Mediterranean Plate: hummus, olives, cucumber, tomatoes – excellently prepared by my Aunt Annette! She always has the best and most creative snack platters 🙂
  • Tasty Strawberry Lemonade bar purchased for my by Megnan…aw the sister love

DINNER TIMEIMG_3393_Fotor_Collage dinner

  • Grilled chicken, corn, watermelon, and salad
  • Homemade lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and fruit salad
  • Hamburgers, fruit salad, and a variety of chips – I’m not usually a chips fan but any special occasion to snack on some BBQ chips and I’m game! What’s your favorite?


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

Yay or nay to boating?  Do you go on family trips?
What are some of your favorite vacation eats?

9 thoughts on “WIAW #48 – Good Eats on Lake Mead

  1. I love boating, especially if it involves water skiing! 😀 All your eats look so fresh and delicious. I’m especially loving all the snack plates! Snack plates often compose my lunch and/or dinner. I love that it allows me to have a bunch of different foods when I can’t decide what sounds good 🙂

  2. My oh my, those looks like some marvelous eats! I am so intrigued by TJs cold brew coffee, I think I am going to grab some today! Nothing is better than Iced Coffee in the summer, especially when you are practically melting at the lake! I absolutely LOVE family vacations when we rent a house and are able to cook awesome meals rather than eating out all the time 🙂

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