WIAW #49 – Burgers, Rita’s and Blogging Changes OH MY

For this lovely Wednesday, I’ve got an epic turkey burger recipe, tasty smoothie, and my new favorite treat, if you can even call it a treat. Curious about Jenn’s fabulous link-up, head over to Peas & Crayons for more information.

But first, here’s a little break down of my life.  I was born in Southern California, lived in England for almost 2.5-3 years, and spent the rest of my young adolescent days in beautiful Southern California.  I attended Santa Clara University in Northern California, spent a semester in Barcelona and am now considering something different. Very different.  Any guesses?


Breakfast: Smoothies are great because you really don’t need to follow any specific recipe.  I’ve been throwing in whatever frozen fruit we have (bananas, berries, pineapple, and sometimes spinach, though it’s not fruit), protein powder, sometimes oats, Chobani (protein punch) and/or Noosa (extra addition of velvety texture).  I also end up adding some granola and trail mix to the top, depending on my hunger levels. My workouts have fluctuated between running with or without the dog, hiking the trails, and going to the elliptical, so I can never predict what I’ll be hungry for.  However, I can always go for a handful of granola 🙂

Lunches: change on a daily basis – various veggies + guac or dip, salad from Panera, PB + banana on tortilla or simply leftovers.  I’m not much of a sandwich person, so lunch is always a surprise.

Dinner: A few weeks ago, I gave a rather scathing review (according to my mom) of my sister’s turkey burgers.  Hey, a food critic has to be honest and they were a little on the dry side.  However, she fully redeemed herself with a batch of sweet potato turkey burgers.


Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers : Basically she cooked (or nuked) the potatoes until they were relatively soft.  Throw some veggies (peppers, onions, etc.) in the food processor (or have finely chopped).  Scoop out the flesh of the sweet potato and add to the food processor.  Blend until fully combined.  Scoop into little patties, roll in some bread crumbs and set on the stove or the grill. Result?  The most tender and juiciest burgers EVER.


Step aside frozen yogurt, there’s a new treat in town.  This hot-spot, Rita’s, opened up on Sunday for friends and family and opened on Monday to the public.  It’s an east coast ice and custard shop where the goodies are made freshly every day.  I stopped by on Sunday to visit my cousin working and wasn’t too pleased with the light strawberry/vanilla gelati combo.  

We went back on Monday to see him in action again.  Originally I wasn’t going to order anything, but after sampling a few flavors, I couldn’t stop thinking about the black cherry cheesecake.  My cousin also noted that their light strawberry and vanilla aren’t their most popular.  Regular vanilla is where it’s at.  I always forget that the “low-fat” or “light” products are really not worth it because they are altered by extra additives or flavorings that really don’t make it any more healthy than the actual product.  In the end, it’s best to splurge a little on the real stuff.  


Obviously we can’t get enough. Note, this was NOT just me 😉 Mom, Meghan & Kaitlin date.  Boy, I’ll miss those when we are back to our routines in a couple of weeks.

So now that I’ve found my favorite ice, I plan to return later this week for sure 🙂 If anything, just to embarrass say hi to my cousin.  😉  Need suggestions of flavors?  The mango-pineapple misto (blend of mango pineapple ice with vanilla custard), vanilla, mango+vanilla gelati, and the black cherry cheesecake ice is MY FAVORITE!  It may have surpassed some frozen yogurt combinations. Gasp indeed.

Back to my first topic.  Any guesses on where I’m going?  Some of you know, but I’ll reveal more tomorrow!  Stop by to see where I’m moving and what I’ll be working on.  Happy Wednesday

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”  – Frank Lloyd Wright


7 thoughts on “WIAW #49 – Burgers, Rita’s and Blogging Changes OH MY

  1. Well I’m thinking/hoping it’s anywhere on the east coast, but I’ll be sure to find out tomorrow for real! I’ve never had Rita’s but it is BIG in Maryland.

  2. that turkey burger recipe sounds awesome. i love eating sweet tater and turkey burger separate so combining them sounds fab. i honestly can’t get behind the rita’s obsession! i’m not sure why but whenever i’ve tried it i sure have not been wowed.

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