My Life Lately

Picking up some of my favorite foods – Not only do I have a love for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but also I think they are the only coffee shop that makes the perfect vanilla latte.


I also am a sucker for salad bars, especially this Mrs. Winston’s, which is out in Santa Monica.  I could change the phrase “kid in a candy store” to be “kid at a salad bar.”  Doesn’t exactly have the same ring, but the endless options are AMAZING.

IMG_9806Exploring fun shops – Enough said.  Everyone needs to window shop once in awhile


Running and walking along the beach – We seemed to have lucked out and have grandparents located in Santa Barbara and Laguna Beach.  Hard life I know 😉 Every time I visit, I make sure my morning jaunt is along the waters.  Stumbling upon sea glass is just an added bonus and I sure did hit the jackpot this last time.  I know some people would make jewelry out of it (future ring ideas??) or even use it to adorn a mirror or bulletin board.


Helping throw a fiesta get together for my dad’s finance team – We used a local Mexican restaurant to cater dinner and it was hilarious to see my dog just chilling out by the grill, hoping a piece of chicken or steak would find its way on the ground.  Fat chance Bodie.  He also thought that the people arriving were there to see him.


Discovering a direction you want your life to head – Do you ever wonder where you should or will be in 5, 10, or goodness 15 years?  No, I don’t have a concrete plan written out, but I know I’ve always had an interest in the food industry.   At the Hulu party, I spoke with one adorable woman who was going to work for Essential Living Foods.  After talking about her passion for whole foods and things like chia seeds, goji berries, and green juices, I realized that’s something I want to learn more about and hopefully become a part of.  If anything, it inspired me to find people with similar beliefs and lifestyles in New York.

Getting my craft on – Some of you might have seen this through Instagram, but I’ve been busy sewing up a storm.  I always have a list of projects that I want to accomplish from sewing to scrapbooking, but rarely has there been a time where I can actually devote my time and energy.  Truth be told I can be quite the packrat.  I hang onto everything, including my t-shirts as if I’ll somehow forget the memories and experiences I had earning the shirts.  Well, along with me being a packrat, I’m a creature of habit and tend to wear the same 5-6 shirts.  So, if I do the math correctly, that’s about 40-50 shirts, which are left to gather dust on my shelves.


Solution – t-shirt blanket to reflect my time in cross-country, my sister’s time in cross-country (yes, I’m such a nice sister) 😉 and my time in college.  It was pretty simple process, but tedious in terms of pinning the pieces together and sewing them properly.  Meghan was a huge help with her own quilt in cutting the squares and outlining the ultimate design.  Her quilt definitely turned out to be the best out of the bunch.  Even my mom’s comment “wow, look how good it looks in comparison to your first attempt” gave it away.  Ok, I might have exaggerated a bit, but I definitely heard something along those lines 🙂 She is right, I sort of rushed through my first quilt.


What have you been up to lately?

“Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure” – Jack Lemmon

5 thoughts on “My Life Lately

  1. dang girl, finding a place that makes your coffee drink just how you like it is like finding the man of your dreams, once you find ’em you stop looking. hahaha. also, loveeee the t-shirt blanket, i need to get crafty and do one of those some day.

  2. I have a million unworn tshirts as well! Those quilts look awesome-I’ve been thinking about doing something similar, but I can’t sew to save my life so I might have a service do it for me!

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