WIAW #51 – My Love for Santa Barbara

Where can I even begin on this Wednesday?  Well, it’s coming down to the last couple weeks of my summer – the first summer where I’ve had the opportunity to take time and do pretty much what I want, when I want.  I’ve been able to see family, spend time catching up with my high school friends, exploring new areas and eateries, exercising, and of course blogging.  Last week I traveled up to Santa Barbara and had a wonderful time shopping, running, and soaking in the sunshine.  Not to mention the eats from Paradise Cafe and La Super Rica, both favorites of Julia Child.  Today I’ll share some of my other favorites from the trip and hopefully inspire you to take a trip up or down the 101 to taste it out. 🙂 Mahalo as always to Jenn at Peas & Crayons.

Breakfasts – I’ve been a yogurt mood more than ever and the flavor or brand of the day depends on what I can locate in our fridge.  I love the velvety texture of Noosa paired with the rich flavor and protein punch of Chobani.  From the few days I was traveling or in Santa Barbara I had the following:

A: Peach Noosa with fresh peaches, blueberries, and a tad bit of TJ cereal for added crunch.  If I had the chance to freeze the blueberries I would have.  For some reason I think they taste better or keep the yogurt at a nice cool consistency. IMG_9826

B: Nonfat Chobani with blueberries, fresh nectarine, walnuts…extra dose of protein and brain power!  I seriously was full for awhile from this one.

IMG_3646_FotorC: The last day in SB, I was picking a friend up from Isla Vista (UCSB) and we decided to try out Backyard Bowls.  I had heard great things about this place and was ready for my second acai bowl.  OH the menu!  So many delectable items to choose from.  Per my blogger friend Theresa’s rec, I ordered the green bowl and was NOT disappointed.

Green Bowl: B: Acaí, Banana, Broccoli, Spinach, Ginger, Lime & Apple Juice
T: Strawberry, Blueberry, Granola & Honey

Honestly it’s a good thing there isn’t one near by or I’d be there All.The.Time.


When breakfast takes me only so far during the day, it’s time for LUNCH!  The first day I arrived in SB, I had the chance to meet up with the wonderful Theresa from A Spoonful of Sunshine.  We had our first meetup last Thanksgiving and it just happened to work out that we would be around in Santa Barbara at the same time.  If there is one place you need to visit, it’s Crushcakes.

IMG_3602_Fotor_CollageMy grandma introduced us to the store downtown when cupcakes were on the rage.  What I never realized was that there was an accompanying cafe and bakery where you could have breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Not that cupcakes can’t be subbed in 😉 but sometimes you crave a real meal.  Theresa and I met up at the Isla Vista Crushcakes and both ended up with the best kale salad ever.  That would at least be in my opinion, especially since it’s pretty much the only kale salad I’ve had (besides Trader Joe’s Power Salad).  I decided to go big and pair it with Intelligentsia iced coffee (mixed with milk and cinnamon), and a vanilla bean cupcake.  I personally like to put the cupcakes in the fridge or even freezer, but I didn’t really have the luxury this time.


The next day I set out to one of Julia Child’s favorites – La Super Rica.  I had an absolutely delicious meal and are seriously counting down until I visit there again. 🙂 Tip?  Order #16 with an horchata and you will not be sorry. IMG_9841

I’m going to leave it right there because breakfast + lunch alone is enough to put me in a food coma.  🙂  I do love the ability to find places to eat that utilize fresh ingredients and care about their customer’s well-being.  It would be wonderful to work for a company that celebrates the human population and body in such a way.  But, for now, I’ll continue to explore the eateries out there and find what makes me feel good, even if they make my family roll their eyes 😉

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Theodore Seuss Giesel 

What sorts of food make you feel good?  What’s your favorite breakfast? Have you tried an Acai bowl?

7 thoughts on “WIAW #51 – My Love for Santa Barbara

  1. YAY! I share your love for Santa Barbara and all its little eateries as well 🙂 That was without a doubt, theee best kale salad I have every enjoyed. I am currently sitting in my house and gazing out the window thinking about walking over to Crushcakes to buy a cupcake and put in the fridge…..

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