WIAW – Summer’s End Wordless Edition

There are days where I just can’t get it all together.  Today would be one but better late than never.

IMG_9975Breakfast: Attempt at poached eggs (…obviously need to practice), celery, iced coffee + remaining iced coffee w/ almond milk (scoop of peanut butter) 🙂 
IMG_9977Lunch: Selection of salads at the Americana, Glendale – broccoli, spinach, and pesto pasta with a side chicken breast.  My aunt selected a few of the farro/pasta dishes below
IMG_9976 Afternoon treat with the aunt. PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE ICE FROM RITA’S.  Let’s just say I’m a little excited.  I know I should hold off until October or I will get sick of it.  Then again, maybe not.  Let the pumpkin festivities begin!IMG_9978

IMG_9974Dinner: shredded chicken, kale chips, sweet potato chips with rosemary, various cheese spreads, and roasted pepper.

Sadly Monday marked the last acceptable day I can wear my white pants.  In California it’s not that big of an issue, but I’m preparing for extreme “east coast prep.”  Supposedly those fashion rules of matching your purse with your shoes or not wearing black and blue are long gone, but what about white pants?  No longer fashionably accepted after Labor Day?  I’ll get over it.  Walking through the dirty streets of New York in white pants may not be the smartest idea anyways.


Happy Wednesday and head over to Jenn’s page for more tasty treats


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