Friday Favorites

I’ve been enjoying this sort of catch-up post, sharing some of the things I’ve been doing.  It makes it seem like I actually am out and about with the movers and shakers.  Ok, not really but I wanted to write that 😉


Hanging out with my best friends.  We even stopped by our old high school to see our siblings/cousins and the first pep rally of the year.  Boy how times change and then again, never change.  My cousin Robbie is an assembly’s commissioner and so he is in charge of putting on every assembly.  I sometimes give him a hard time but wow he was awesome.  Very charismatic and it was hilarious. (Good looking dude on the right)


Running and catching up with my old running (and probably life) mentor Sarah.  She’s about 6 or so years older and we met while she was helping our cross country team out in high school.  She had won state back in the day with our coach and was semi-coaching us girls.  We clicked and she’s been my role model ever since.  She doesn’t know this but I actually wrote my college essay on her.

IMG_4904Reading random blog posts like this one – “30 Things To Stop Doing to Yourself”  A few tidbits like “stop spending time with the wrong people” or “stop trying to hold onto the past” are two of my favorites.  Then there’s “stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself” and “stop trying to make things perfect.”  It’s these words of wisdom that make complete sense, yet overlook the simplicity of life or try to make things too darn complicated.  It’s time to take some responsibility 🙂

Story of my life.  Ok not really but sort of sad to see summer go.  This has been one of the most amazing summers (probably because I actually understand its importance) and thank goodness we’ve had some decent or at least catchy music to go with it.  Now if the radio would stop overplaying the songs (especially at the same time) that would be great.  

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  Enough Said.  Every time I’m home, I make it a point to stop by for my morning coffee or latte.  They are so genuinely sweet and funny inside that it just brightens my day.  Not to mention I love their drinks, so it makes the whole world better.  I’ll have to make it my goal to find a coffee shop that I enjoy in New York.

Speaking of which…I’M A NEW YORKER NOW!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love going back to high school events and seeing everyone. Even if I wasn’t the most social person, there is always someone to say hi to.

    Yay for being a New Yorker! I bet you’ll have tons of stories to share soon about the crazy city life 🙂

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