WIAW #53 – First Day of Work in the Big Apple

Well folks, I’m a working woman. Out in the real world and big city, so I thought it would be nice to share my eats from my first day. Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

This is definitely not my normal schedule, but goodness knows I won’t have a “normal” schedule for a few weeks. Mostly because who really has their workouts, eating, and social life figured out right away? I swear it took me the first couple weeks of college to plan everything out as well.

After waking up, I considered a run by the water. When I got out of bed and realized my legs ached from Sunday’s 8.5 miler, I decided against the run. In the past, I might have pushed through it, but I’ve learned (or am trying to learn) how to take better care of my legs. This is more because of the backlash my body has given me in the past 2 years for all the running I did in high school and early college.

Ok, no run then. So maybe a YouTube pilates video? I deemed it satisfactory but certainly not my favorite. Not really the video workout type of person, but will go back and look at Hulu’s selection of fitness episodes. In fact, I prefer group classes and actually signed up for a 24 Hour Fitness membership, which includes fitness classes. After attempting pilates (no idea if my form was even accurate), I took a shower, got ready (had to take a 1st day look for the family and well, why not a typical blogger photo), and headed out the door for my first day of work.

No, I didn’t wear theses shoes…I work turquoise flats, but these were much more comfortable to walk in

I had made pretty good time, so I decided to stop at Starbucks for a first day treat breakfast. Insert pumpkin goodness. No, it’s not October, but I told myself I just had to hold out over the weekend. Plus, I’m all about the holidays and decorating, so indulging in one more pumpkin product couldn’t hurt. They even spelled my name right, so that must have been a sign 😉


I did notice that it was much sweeter than I remember. I think my taste buds were a little out of whack because I’ve been cutting back relatively reducing my sugar intake. Those of you who follow me on Instagram know where I’m guilty 😉 It could have also been the fact that in the past year I’ve grown more fond over iced coffee and black coffee than full on lattes. Go figure.

Starbucks egg white wrap and pumpkin spice latte

For lunch, I was taken out to Dos Caminos where I selected the brisket enchiladas. Oh my goodness it was oh so rich, but equally delicious. There was the intense flavor of slow roasted brisket along with a spicy kick of salsas and Mexican cheese. I added in some of the table’s guacamole to it, just to add some differentiated flavor.


It was back to work until about 6. From there, I headed down to Trader Joes to pick up groceries. Who knew there could be so many people in one grocery store? Maybe it’s because this is one of the only Trader Joe’s in the area and there are hundreds of people in the surrounding area that need groceries. Who knows. Luckily the line moved pretty quickly, but I will for sure schedule a better time in the future.


Dinner was dominated by the leftovers from lunch alongside some kale + eggplant and a glass of almond milk. Throwing a bunch of vegetables in a pan, lightly coated with EVOO or my new favorite, coconut oil spray, alongside some spices, is probably my favorite form of making vegetables. It’s simple, delicious, and takes relatively no time at all!

So, I’m slowly adjusting to the time zone, living in a city, and of course the lunch hour. In the past this was a huge struggle for me. I love eating with people and never knew when to take lunch, how long to take, or what to do at lunch (read, phone, stare into space, wander). I’ve been asking people to lunch in order to be social and learn more about them and what they do. However, so many people bring in their lunch and choose to sit at their desks. But I find getting up or at least away from my computer breaks up the monotony, don’t you agree? Yesterday I placed myself in the kitchen and found that an ample amount of people pass through, so it provides a bit of chit-chat. What are your thoughts about lunch in the workplace?

So, not only do I need to think about what to do about lunch, but what about after work? There really isn’t too much time but I’m in the process of figuring out workouts, friends, and social engagements. I know I relied heavily on my family at home during the summer, but I need to be bold and branch out. It’s also new not to have homework constantly on my mind. Sure I’m thinking of other things and find there isn’t as much time to check off my “to-do” lists, but all in due time.

Now that I’m in the full-time world, there really isn’t much to do after 5/6 PM. So I’ve picked up groceries, attended a Nike Running club, and made dinner with the roommates. For the time being, I still walk to and from work, so usually if I leave work around 6, I’m usually home by 6:30. I hate to say it, but I tend to hop right back on my computer. This is because I try to keep focused at work (yeah, a whopping two days in) 😉 and so by the end of the day, I have a few things I want to check up on. Pinterest and fall decorating anyone? Well, it is only the first few days, so I’m thinking the schedule should start to materialize.

Once I reach out to some more people, make some more friends, I’ll probably have more social engagements. I joined a 24 Hour Fitness Gym because it’s close to work and makes for a good morning or afternoon workout. There are also group classes that I might try, including zumba on Monday nights. I also tested out the weekly Nike Club run at the store in Flatiron. For now, I’m enjoying time with my roommates and exploring the city. I think we are going to try to go on a day trip this weekend and for sure hit up the pumpkin madness happening at Dunkin Donuts.

I am quite excited though because one of my roommates loves to experiment – cooking or baking. She even recommended doing dinners together where we can try new recipes and eat together. Our other roommate is willing to be our guinea pig (in a good way, I swear), so I’m enjoying my time at my new home.

Hope you have a fabulous fall Wednesday! What do you like to do after work?


15 thoughts on “WIAW #53 – First Day of Work in the Big Apple

  1. Aw yay so happy for you! Our first days sound pretty similar, minus your shorter commute. I am obsessed with your first day outfit. Dress me please?

  2. That particular TJ’s is famous for their long lines. My friends and I joke that you enter the store to get in line for the checkout and do your shopping as the line snakes through the aisles. Welcome to the city. I’m a Californian too. There are a lot of us transplants.

  3. It’s a really weird thing transitioning from college where you ALWAYS have some homework/assignment/reading that your COULD be doing at night to the working world, where once you come home, you are done. I feel ya girl! I joined a run club as well, which is certainly a great way to meet people and exercise, but it is weird to have so much free time after 6pm!

  4. I actually read that a lot of guys pick up girls at TJ’s/Whole Foods in NYC, haha, maybe the same strategy could work for meeting new friends? As for the lunch hour, I am in a very small and quiet office and I struggle to find things to do to get out of the office. I meet friends in the park or at cafes from time to time, but I most often work out on my lunch breaks and then eat at my desk!

    You should look into joining a Zog Sports league! My best friend has been playing in the kickball league and met soo many friends there. Definitely a great way to meet other young professionals!

    • That’s hilarious! I will definitely take up your recommendation. I’ve been looking at “meetup” groups and such. Slowly but surely it will come together 🙂 I like reading about your dodgeball games!

  5. Welcome to nyc!!
    It sounds like you’re not far from union square area? For me i must get some fresh air on my lunch break- even if i just walk around the block to pick up a drink and then eat at my desk. Gets my blood moving- or something.
    If you go to the farmers market at union sq as they are closing- aka when you’re done at work- they often have special deals and $1bags of not so great produce that is perfect for stews.
    Go to the trader joes in chelsea, its never as insane as the one off union sq.

    Hope you enjoy the city!
    Generally speaking thurs pm is the night manhattanites go out for after work drinks, lots of great bars have happy hours 🙂

  6. Congrats on the new job! And welcome to the city! It’s pretty awesome here, as you’ll see : )

    It’s so funny how the “lunch” culture is different at every workplace! I’ve been at places where people brought their lunch, places where people went out or ordered in every day…I totally spent a summer eating homemade sandwiches on random stoops in Brooklyn because I was desperate to get out of that office on my lunch break.

    The last place I worked, almost everyone took their full hour away from their desk in the hospital cafeteria, but everyone eats through the 30-minute break at their desk where I am now. I’ve totally forgotten what it’s like to actually just, like, eat lunch on a weekday.

    • Thank you! Yes, living in the working world is interesting. I like getting out but sometimes feel bad if everyone else around me is working! I try to bring lunch because boy does it all add up.

  7. your first day outfit is adorable and i even like it with the toms so i bet the flats were even cuter! i found after i cut back on my sugar intake that the sweet starbucks drinks had become unbearably sweet to me. it’s nice though to ask for a half pump or single pump of the syrups. they provide a more subtle sweet taste!
    proud of you for listening to your body and giving yourself a rest after sunday’s run. 8.5 miles is no joke!
    that dinner of kale and eggplant does look amazingly amazing for such a simple prep method! yes i said amazingly amazing…one amazing for the delicious food and one for the simplicity!
    moving to a new place and nailing down a new routine is tough but i’m sure you’ll be there in no time!

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