Time for a Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Have you heard of this new service called BirchBox? They have men’s and women’s beauty products, but they also have this monthly mail service where for $10, you receive a box of samples, whether it’s mascara, lip gloss, whatever.  First off there is a waiting list, so don’t get too trigger happy and have your credit card ready.  This may happen to me as I tend to have an impulse shopping habit and like to try new things.

Turns out they have a similar snack pack program as well called Blissmo.  This one’s a tad bit more expensive (try $19.95 + shipping) but it is food and we all know how expensive food can be.  But, before you roll your eyes at the price for just a few products, let me sell you on these following details:

  • Premium organic, non-toxic & eco products
  • Full & trial-size, $20-$40+ of value/box
  • Each month select from 2-3 box options

So, just providing the options 🙂 But, I’m going slightly old-school and throwing it back to the program called Foodie Pen Pals, which you might have heard of or recognize from a few months back.

This month I was paired up with Rachael at Rubber Cowgirl.  How neat of a blog name is that?  Her focus is a little bit about vegan food, gardening, traveling, and more, so it’s well worth checking out.   This month I requested some snackier (yes mother, I’m using this as a word) foods rather than something to fulfill my usual sweet tooth.  Rachael did not disappoint.


(1)    Almonds: I am a HUGE fan of almonds, so receiving this box of slivered almonds made my day.  I actually was getting ready to make some of the IQS (I Quit Sugar) Pumpkin Spice Granola, so throwing in a handful into the mix was a brilliant plan.

(2)    Annie’s Natural always seems to have an excellent selection of dressings and marinades.  I was interested to see this new variety (or at least new in my kitchen) and my roommates and I immediately thought about using it to marinade chicken one night for dinner.  I’ll have to put that on the calendar and let you know how it turns out.

I’ve been adding this red pepper paste into my spaghetti squash & cheese casserole dishes.  I think I might pick up a nice wedge of cheese and have a little cheese, pepper spread, and crackers for dinner sometime this week.   As for the dressing, I’ve considered using it as a chicken marinade.

(3)    Where can you go wrong with herbed crackers?  Spread a little bit of the Trader Joe’s pesto/roasted pepper/cheese dip and I’ll be in seventh heaven.

(4)    Seaweed Snack Pack:  Nice and salty, perfect for the afternoon lull.  I was a little skeptical since it honestly took me years to try sushi, just because of the belief seaweed was slimy and I couldn’t fathom raw fish.  Nope, those days are behind me.

Rachael even included some suggestions of places to eat in the city, which was helpful for a newbie like myself.  I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with so many choices of places to shop and eat.

For more fun shipping programs (think dog treats, gourmet coffee, and even jewelry and art), check out Mashable’s top list of snail mail programs.


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