WIAW #55 – Welcome Fall


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s officially time to kick off fall-eats as we bounce our way into October.  I wasn’t able to get around to Jenn’s weekly WIAW last week, but have included a medley of items that have tided me over during the past week.  I also was able to spend some time with a friend from Santa Clara this past weekend, but more on that later this week.

I’ve been trying to work out in the mornings, either at the 24 hour fitness by my work or run with my friends Leah and Laura.  From there I walk the remaining distance to work, turn on my computer, and put together something to start the day.

Breakfasts of late have included the blogger obsession … PUMPKIN!!!  I’ve included the delectable squash in a variety of forms.  This includes I Quit Sugar Pumpkin Granola atop pumpkin parfaits with Chobani yogurt to pumpkin oatmeal with a dab of peanut butter and blueberries.  All alongside a cup of cold brewed coffee from Pushcart Coffee.  Yesterday I found out that I can purchase a bottle of cold brew and then use it to purchase refills in the future.  This is an excellent way to buy decent cold coffee and then spread it throughout the week.

On another note, I’m still looking forward to visiting the Chobani Store in SOHO.   Last week I found it for the first time and now I’m just waiting for the perfect time to go.  Maybe after a free yoga class at Lululemon?  Sounds like the perfect morning to me. 

IMG_0569Lunches have been semi-boring in the office. Here we have leftover chicken with pesto from the night before, brussels sprouts, grilled vegetables, and a side salad.  I try to stick to some basics at lunch, hold off from snacking on too much but then again, with the spread we get in the office, it’s pretty tough to avoid.  That being said, I find a handful of nuts here or some carrots and grapes there.

IMG_0570_Fotor_CollageI’m still in the habit of having something sweet at the end of the day, so I’ve been taking a slice of the Green Street zucchini bread I stuck in the freezer and a glass of almond milk. The bread was actually sent to me by my grandparents in a recent care package.  How do you like the classy presentation of almond milk in the wine glass?  I try 🙂


Ah dinner.  Now I’m someone who LOVES to sit down and eat.  I could pick up a slice of pizza and eat it as I make my way home, but I’d rather use the half hour walk to decompress and brainstorm about the possibilities.  Since I didn’t have a chance to grab groceries this past weekend, I needed to stop somewhere and pick up some veggies.  This was what I created last night – roasted acorn squash with sauteed asparagus, kale, and chicken sausage.

Ok, there are WAY too many articles out there about pumpkin, but I do have to include a couple here.  First, if you are a die-hard Trader Joe’s fan, you’ll love Run Eat Repeat’s post.  Then, here’s a whole slew of pumpkin and October related Buzzfeed articles.  Really, can I provide any other ways for you to procrastinate at work?

What’s your favorite item to make or eat for fall?  Do you like working out in the morning or evening?

14 thoughts on “WIAW #55 – Welcome Fall

  1. Ugh, so glad pumpkin season is upon us! I’m going to have try out that I Quit Sugar Pumpkin granola because one of my main problems with store bought granola is the sugar! Question, does DD have pumpkin spiced iced coffee? I have always wanted to try their iced coffee and if they had a PS flavor I might go bananas…

    • Oh my gosh dunkin has all types of pumpkin goodies! I have yet to try it just because it is so sugary but may treat myself on Friday. Yes, please do try the IQS granola and let me know what you think! It’s crazy to taste the difference.

  2. i agree, i must sit down and eat dinner! i don’t like eating on the go. sometimes i eat a snack on my way to the gym after i leave work and i always wish i’d just eaten it at work when i was sitting. i like to enjoy it!

    your eats look wholesome and tasty. love the veg 🙂

  3. It looks like we had similar ideas with our fall-themed meals 😀

    Okay, who am I kidding, I think *everyone* had the same thought for today’s WIAW. Lol.

    I literally just read Run Eat Repeat’s pumpkin post a second ago. And oh my gosh how much do I love buzzfeed?!!

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