Friday Favorites – Life in Manhattan

I’m really digging this weekly roundup of items.  There are some other posts out there such as “currently,” which I might adapt for a future post, but for now here’s my take on life, New York, and the world.


Exploring Manhattan with a college buddy: My friend Mary flew out to visit and we trekked up and down the streets of Manhattan.  I probably should have warned her how much we would be walking, but pretty much assumed it was the norm when traveling.  That’s how our family happens to travel; we walk EVERYWHERE until exhausted.


Sampling different cuisines for brunch: Mary had done some research and learned about this cute little Cuban joint.  We made it for brunch/lunch on Saturday and ordered their famous corn.  I also went for the scrambled eggs with chorizo but wasn’t entirely sold on the flavor.  If I were to go back, I’d order the meal with plantains, special corn, and iced cafe con leche. The waitress also wanted to fit as many people as possible into the tiny booths and so we ended up sitting inches away from our dining neighbors. Quite the experience 🙂

IMG_0540_Fotor_Collage - cuba Indulging in sweet treats: From the famous Magnolia Bakery to jaw dropping selections of candy in Dylan’s Candy Bar to the glorious options of frozen yogurt at 16 Handles. IMG_0540_Fotor_Collage

Fall Premieres: The Mindy Project, The Blacklist, & The Goldbergs are just a few of what’s been in my Hulu queue. I’ve also been hooked on Hostages on CBS and Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  Usually I’m not one for drama series, but I swear, the Blacklist is SO DARN GOOD.  What have you been watching?

Traveling In and Out of Every Single Store: From Tiffany’s to Crate & Barrel, FAO Schwartz to a fun food festival. New York has it all.IMG_0486_Fotor_Collage

Megabus:  This nifty travel service is popping up all over.  My friend back at Santa Clara first introduced me to the service but at the time I still had my car, so there really wasn’t a need for such a service.  However, where I am today, it’s PERFECT.  Basically it offers people transport via bus to and from locations.  The first people to book tickets pay low prices (think $1-$3) and as the tickets become more scarce, or it gets closer to the travel date, prices start to go up; definitely a supply and demand economics sort of deal.    Thank goodness I didn’t book first time around.  I was so baffled that tickets were only $3 for Thanksgiving transport!  Well, turns out I was looking at the week BEFORE Thanksgiving, so of course it was cheap.  I claim this as an honest mistake, not a blonde moment, as the day really never remains consistent year to year.  After making the corrections, the prices were still decent and I congratulated myself and having attention to detail, which is crucial when interviewing and winning over potential employers 🙂


All Things Fall: Pumpkin, candles, Thanksgiving, leaves, sweaters and scarves, candy corn (in all forms) decorating…I could really go on all day but I’ll stop there.  Actually Buzzfeed of course has a list of reasons why October is great.  They claim it as the best month, but being a spring baby, I beg to differ.


Confidence: It’s easy to forget how essential confidence is in our daily lives.  I’m not saying we need to have a big ego, but to be proud of one’s accomplishments and talents and be able to live life in a positive manner, that’s another thing.  Check out what Alex at Cookie Dough Katzen has to say about confidence.


“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.”
– Diane Ackerman


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Life in Manhattan

  1. Aw I’m glad life seems to be going well for you! If I ever come visit New York (which I REALLY want to do) we are going to go to Dylan’s Candy bar and all the bakeries. I’ve never been to any of them and they’ve been on my list forever! And yes, megabus is great, although my mom is very skeptical about it. I’ve used it a lot with no complaints though 🙂

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