Talking About Brunch

I’ve never been a huge brunch person.  It’s not something we Californians known much about and honestly leaves me in a food coma, unable to fully function for the rest of the day.  But apparently, I’ve been missing out because that is THE thing to do in New York on a Sunday morning/afternoon.  There are all types of brunches, including endless mimosa brunches, so plenty of options.

My first trip to brunch was with my dad at Petite Abeille, located in the Flatiron district.  A cute little Belgian restaurant with delicious baby pancakes (perfect when dipped in chocolate) and a wide array of omelettes, burgers, and salads.  What’s funny is after my dad left that afternoon, my roommates and I went back for a drink and snack.


We had finished our long run along the east river trail and were quite hungry.  I ordered the eggs florentine, which was placed on top of a delectable slice of french bread.  My dad selected a classic omelet and really had no complaints.  In fact, after polling a few of my friends who have also eaten there, omelettes seem to be the favorite item.  Seating is available inside or out and is great for small and midsize groups.   IMG_0168_FotorThese were the little pancakes I ordered later in the day with my roommates.  They reminded me of my childhood Aunt Jemima microwave pancakes, but obviously tasted much better.  Definitely not stale 🙂  The waiter brought over a tiny bowl of chocolate for dipping and I have to say, without the chocolate, they would have been missing something.

Petite Abeille
401 East 20st Street 
New York, NY 10010 


My next experience with brunch occurred this past weekend I met up with a college friend who happened to just move out to the city.  We had talked about meeting up when she moved out and well, what better way than over brunch?  I had her research a place on Yelp because I know indecisive I can be.  Well, she selected Penelope’s off of Yelp and so it was settled.  I arrived a few minutes before our meeting time and was surprised how crowded it was.  Then again, most popular places that are worth eating at have lines.

IMG_0366_Fotor_Collage penelopesThere is a set menu for brunch – $15 for an alcoholic beverage or juice/coffee/tea alongside your choice of meal.   Between the Nutella French toast (Brioche french toast…the BEST) and the Sweet Blueberry Waffles, your sugar tooth will surely be fulfilled.   We went the protein route with an omelet and an egg sandwich.  Although I was almost sold on the “When Veggie Met Sally” (Chopped greens with red onion, grilled veggie burger, & green apple tossed w/ goat cheese in a roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette) just because of the title.  The plan is to re-group with more of our friends and order a number of dishes and eat family style 🙂 The more the merrier.

Do you do brunch?  What’s your favorite item to eat for brunch?  Any recommendations of places in NYC?

159 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016

4 thoughts on “Talking About Brunch

  1. BRUNCH. What a beautiful word! I am a huge fan of brunch and I definitely agree it is more popular in New York than the West Coast. I usually stick to eggs when I brunch for several reasons, but most importantly because I am usually starving by the time brunch happens and if I go for the sweeter options I fell coma-like 1 hour after brunch. But Mimosas?! Always welcome at brunch 🙂

    • I know what you mean about eggs vs. sweet. For some reason my sister and I dive into a sweet dish like french toast after a long run. Good idea at the time but bad idea when we completely crash an hour later 🙂 I think our next meetup should include mimosas!

  2. oh my goodness. i was literally nodding my head throughout this whole post. my sister lived in manhattan for 3 years and when ever i would come to visit she’d insist we’d have to go “brunching” (yes she made it into a verb. haha) new yorkers just love their brunch!!

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