Tuesday Truths

Truth is … I don’t want to live without coffee.  I’ve had some difficulty adjusting to the weather out here and debated giving up coffee to see how it affects my acne and stress levels.  Ultimately I decided I don’t want to.  I think the main issue is the humidity and grime that comes with living in a city and there are ways to combat this – drinking plenty of water and making sure to clean my face often.  Sure, I shouldn’t fall into the trap of drinking copious amounts of coffee, but just stepping into a coffee shop, especially Starbucks, seems to turn my whole day around.  Call me crazy but a cup of coffee is something of comfort.

Truth is … I’m so stoked for the Dodgers.  They haven’t had this much success in years! I was born and raised a Dodger’s fan, so none of this bandwagon stuff.  Please, I went to school in the Bay and avoided jumping on the SF Giant’s bandwagon.  No, no, no.  This girl bleeds blue for life.

Truth is … I am bummed that I won’t be in Los Angeles to see any of the games.  Of course when I go to college and then move across the country, they start kicking butt.  I had debated flying home four years ago if they made it to the World Series, but that was just a quick flight from San Jose.  I already checked the flights and boy, I’m going to have to live vicariously through my dad, radio podcast, and the Internet.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to find a local bar that will play the games.


Luckily my dad was kind enough to send us pictures from his amazing seats both Sunday and Monday.  He almost wanted to sell the tickets but I’m glad he didn’t.  The moments when you get to see your favorite team win a huge series, is priceless.

Truth is … I have amazing roommates.  We like to cook, we all like similar shows, and the apartment is starting to feel like home.  We all agreed that the key to any good roommate is to have your own room;  so I guess we are housemates.  🙂


Truth is … I have an obsession with Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and Williams Sonoma.  Last week after my run in Central Park, I wandered through the stores and picked up some of their magazines to glance through back at home.  Whenever I’m feeling down, it always comforts me to wander those stores; all the possibilities that are within.  I told this to a blogger last week and I’m sure she thought I was somewhat crazy.  She told me she had never done such a thing when she was 22, but there you have it.  We are all different.

Truth is … Trader Joe’s has some of the most amazing products, especially in terms of celebrating the pumpkin craze.  I’ve had my eye on the pumpkin ice cream for a couple weeks now but have to hold off or it will be consumed in one sitting.  Ok, maybe not, but everything from Trader Joe’s is that delicious.

Truth is … I’m excited for the fall holidays, the leaves to change, college football, and plenty of decorating.  However, I’m not ready for it to get dark so early.

Truth is … moving away has really taught me who my friends are.  I’ve had so much support from friends and family, that the distance (~2,790 miles to be exact), feels like nothing at all.  It’s also opened me up to so many different opportunities to start fresh and meet new people.  Not to mention all the blends on the east coast that I can now meet up with!

“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” – Bertrand Russell

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Truths

  1. I fully support you in your decision to NOT quit coffee. From time to time I have wondered if I am becoming too reliant on my favorite caffeine-filled pick me up, but like you, it really does boost my mood! Its so great to hear that you are meshing well with your housemates, that can really make or break your happiness 🙂

  2. SO COOL that your dad has such good tickets to the games! I have to admit, I’d be pretty bummed too if I couldn’t be there and I’m not even a diehard baseball fan (just a Sox fan 🙂 ) I’m also so glad you and your roommates get along so well and you know how I feel about being a “normal” 21 year old so I love wandering into stores like that at times too. I like to tell myself that this is just my version of normal! And yes, you really do learn who your true friends are. I learned after graduating from high school that about my friends from home, and honestly, most of them aren’t even my friends anymore because I never heard from them once I moved to RI. My friends here at school- they’re real. What’s important is that we find people who do love and care about us, no matter how far away. That’s a lesson I’m learning right now too 🙂

  3. you are so right, moving away really taught me so much about those who I keep close and how important family is. It is awesome to hear you click so well with your roommates that makes a huge difference.

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