WIAW #56 – Essence of Fall in NYC


Isn’t this such a neat sight?  This is looking out over the east side of Manhattan and if you look closely enough, the UN is on the left, the second tallest building.  I can look at this on my morning runs along the river and just appreciate the city I’m living in.


I also know it’s the holidays, the fall holidays that is, when there are pumpkins on porches (yes porches exist…in the wealthy area around Central Park), cobwebs in store fronts, and aisles upon aisles of Halloween candy in the stores.  I broke down and bought a bag of candy corn pumpkins to be sentimental.  They were the candies my mom would pack in our lunches when we were little.  That and themed Oreos.  Oh the good ‘ol days.   I’ve also seen a few Christmas commercials and definitely some Thanksgiving decorations, but for now I’m loving the changing of the leaves and sometimes the crisp fall air that surrounds me.  We’ve had a bought of humidity and rain, but the past few afternoons have felt wonderful.  Many thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting this meetup. 
IMG_0678_Fotor_CollageHere’s a look at Monday’s eats (not in order), along with some of my favorites from the weekend.  I’ve been working out in the morning, either running or going to 24 Hour Fitness, so breakfast doesn’t occur until I’m in the office.  Pretty timely since our office is packed with delicious yogurts, granola, and a wide variety of other goodies.  Lately it’s been a yogurt with granola and iced coffee or hot green tea.  My morning snack consisted of a green juice, which I picked up from Whole Foods on Sunday.


For lunch I packed pork and green beans, left over from Sunday night’s dinner.  A more appealing picture is featured below.  As many people know, working in an office can drag a little in the afternoons.  It’s important to keep busy, but also get up every so often and stretch your legs.  Walking around the office sometimes takes me past the well supplied kitchen and I convince myself in a very Pooh Bear way, it’s time for a snack.

Jumping back to the top right is my take on dinner.   Some roasted cauliflower and onion, sauteed kale, and a little artichoke pizza from the weekend.  Dinner usually usually occurs around 7:30 or 8 once I’ve walked home, decompressed, and changed into some Nike outfit.

What do your days at work look like?  What do you eat for lunch at work?

IMG_0602“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas A. Edison


18 thoughts on “WIAW #56 – Essence of Fall in NYC

  1. Those views. My god. I would never be able to stop running! Or I’d never get anywhere because I’d be too busy taking pictures. I love seeing Halloween decorations. It really gets you in the holiday spirit.

  2. THOSE views! I would try to argue that the views of California beaches are better, but it must be nice to stare at something new on your runs! I don’t think I have ever had a “normal” day at work, I have been working the later shifts at the hospital lately and it has been BUSY! For some reason there always seems to be pizza or cake in break room and I can’t help but indulge when I’ve been running around like a mad women during my shift. Oops.

    • I completely agree with you. There is nothing like California, but for my temporary home, this isn’t half bad 🙂 Oh, the pizza and cake would be deadly for me! But oh so tasty 🙂

  3. Yay! I love fall in Manhattan – it was always my favorite time of year there…although Christmas time is pretty cool too with all the decor and lights…get ready for that 🙂

    • So true. My coworker actually has a bracelet that buzzes if you have been idle for 30 minutes. I would totally walk around more but then it seems like I don’t work at all 🙂

  4. I was in a salad rut for worktime lunch FOR LIKE A YEAR, but recently I’ve taken to packing leftovers too 🙂 Having something seriously yummy for lunch has decreased after-work cravings (at least for me!)

  5. I love NYC in fall! I visited for Halloween in 2010 and again last year for Veteran’s Day weekend. So pretty.

    I also eat breakfast and lunch at the office! We don’t get any food provided for us besides granola bars and a couple of snacks, though. I have either yogurt or overnight oats for breakfast, and lunch is usually sauteed veggies, beans, and a grain (rice or quinoa) with bread or a tortilla. On days I don’t prep something, I go for soup cups or healthy(ish) frozen burritos!

  6. i cannot eat dinner until i get home, shower, and get cozy and decompressed. i like to eat dinner knowing i am done getting settled in and im already settled in. for that reason i tend to eat around 8 too! i love pumpkins on decorated city stoops. since you usually see that in suburbia i think there’s something charming about it.

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