Take a Break from Holiday Happenings

What if I told you that the ice rink is already set up in Rockefeller Plaza? What if I told you that I’ve seen Christmas candies in the countless drugstores set up across the city?  What if I told you I’ve seen holiday decorations in department stores?

Ok, I’m excited for the ice rink but I too would agree that it’s WAY too early for this to be happening.  Why rush the moment?  I love Christmas and the accompanying holiday season as much as the next person and am even more excited to see what it’s like in New York City.  However, there is a distinct time and place for that.  The entire fall season seems to get pushed aside for the winter wonderland madness.

By my watch, the time to jump into jolly good cheer is the day after Thanksgiving when football is in full blown mode, people are recovering from whatever Turkey Trots and turkey eating marathons they completed, and if you are in the mood, a peppermint or gingerbread latte by your side

We are starting to experience what one would call “fall.”  As someone who grew up in California, the land of zero seasons, this is quite the treat.  The few trees scattered across the city have leaves that are changing and falling.  The weather has become a bit cooler (although Mother Nature likes to drop a bout of humidity every once in awhile to let us know who has control) and I’m attempting to dress myself in the staples of boots, chambrays, and my classic accessory, scarves.

I want this moment to slow down, to be able to enjoy every last moment of an east coast autumn before we are sucked into the depths of winter.  A few weeks ago, I read an article about focus and slowing down.  I meant to mention this back in September, the month it was actually written for, but things got away from me.  So, here we go.

Fall is a busy time and it can be a difficult time.  There are soccer games and lacrosse practices, schoolwork and so many places to go.   We all work for the weekend; rushing through whatever daily tasks we have, sitting in our cubicles at lunch, groaning over the homework we take home at night.  As for me, I’m dying to go apple picking or at least a pumpkin patch, but just need to find the best way out of the city.  But, if we don’t take time to prioritize and make some time for ourselves, make some time for the people around us, or just nature, it will be gone in a flash.

My grandma always reminds me to make time to smell the roses, a lesson I certainly need constant reminding of.  So take a moment to enjoy life.  Maybe it’s going for a walk at lunch, taking a weekend coffee break on your own, or wandering a new park nearby.

 “We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are.”
– Tobias Wolff


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