Marvelous Fall Life in the City

Welcome back to the beginning of the week 🙂 Only four more days until it’s officially November.  I honestly cannot believe the month has flown by so fast!  The past few weeks and even days have taught me to appreciate the little things in life and tell the important people in your life how much they mean to you.  I’m extremely thankful and blessed to have each and every member of my family, including extended, alive and healthy. There have been a couple of moments this summer where a family friend or former classmate has passed away and I’m not sure what I would do with out my family, no matter how much they might drive me up the wall or I might drive them crazy.  Please just take a moment to thank those around you and tell people how much you care.

Marvelous is receiving little packages from your friends.  I’ve been corresponding with my best friends from home and Santa Clara, both of which love crafts and sending snail mail.  We keep in touch through texting but also love talking on the phone once in a while or even once a week.  It’s nice to actually catch up on life and share stories that are just too complex or complicated to share via text. The mug below was made for me by Laura, who moved up to San Francisco.  Yes, I send them little goodies as well 🙂 I send Laura a little “passport” of things to do while she is in the city and am brainstorming a box to send to Alexis.


Last weekend I received this gem of a box from my SCU friend Alexis who really went above and beyond.  Her thoughtfulness brought a smile to my face.  Here we have a little lavender scented rice pack, which can be used for relaxing muscles, muscle cramps, or just making your room and bed smell delightful.  She also included a mixed variety pack of nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate.


Marvelous is successfully creating (or rather enjoying) a Pinterest recipe.  Hope created not just one but two delicious Pinterest recipes for us to enjoy last week.  We started off with simplified chicken potpie for dinner – ingredients thrown into on of our handy-dandy cake pans and topped with Pillsbury biscuits.  Who knew how many ways you could use a cake pan.   The other recipe was our own take on Apple Pecan Pie Cronuts with Apple Cider Caramel Drizzle.  Curious for a step-by-step guide to this deliciousness?  Come back tomorrow 🙂

Marvelous is also finding pictures and recipes from your website on Pinterest.  I was simply scrolling through and thought one of the collages looked familiar.  Sure enough, it was linked back to californiaendlesssummer and I soon found additional photos that were pinned and even re-pinned!


Marvelous is taking a trip to Brooklyn for brunch.  Enough said. 🙂

Marvelous is no longer stressing about homework or tests over the weekend.  I love being able to clear my mind of work stress, at least for a good portion of the weekend, and instead adventure through the city.  I’ve started to pick different coffee spots to blog from, just because being in my apartment for so long can be boring and lonely.  It’s something about changing up the atmosphere to keep the creative juices flowing and even sitting alongside other customers (most of whom are usually studying or writing papers), is comforting and exciting.  Have you ever created stories about people in your head?  What they do for a living, why they are in that Starbucks, etc.

I probably shouldn’t talk on the phone while I’m working in Starbucks but of course my sister calls immediately when I settle down.  Sorry folks, this is the only time I can talk to her so deal.


Marvelous is babysitting.  Sure sitting with adults all day can be intellectually stimulating (or not, depending on the day), but talking with kids is refreshing.  The kids I babysit are pretty self-sufficient but I hang out and make rainbow loom bracelets or rather listen to his commentary and instructions and absolutely hilarious comments.   The first time I babysat, I made a comment that I didn’t know much about New York because I recently moved.  His response was “well, I don’t think that’s an accurate statement because essentially when you moved, you became a citizen of New York”

Marvelous is running through the highline and having a better long run than expected.  Sure the tourists were slightly annoying, but with a view like this, it made it worthwhile.  I was planning to only run about 5 miles on Saturday but decided extend it to 7 and make it the long run of the weekend.  I’m following my “beginner” ½ marathon plan pretty closely and seem to be on track for the race in November.


Marvelous is stumbling upon a few secret items from Panera such as the power breakfast bowl with egg whites and roasted turkey or the power Mediterranean chicken salad.   I used to love going to Panera back in California, but haven’t been here yet.  However, there probably are quite a few foodie spots that I should check off my list before falling back to my chain favs.

Marvelous is finding a little bit of fall amidst the concrete jungle.  There may be some trees around us and along central park that shed their leaves, but experiencing an entire park full of bushes and trees with leaves changing from summer’s vibrant green to the reds and browns of fall.

Marvelous is this hilarious and relatively accurate Buzzfeed list comparing life in Los Angeles to life in New York.  Gee, isn’t Buzzfeed amazing?


What’s marvelous about your life right now?


4 thoughts on “Marvelous Fall Life in the City

  1. Ahhh the city life. I love it! I cannot wait to have no commitments to homework/studying/etc on the weekends. I enjoy having them free to just do whatever I want. I feel like you’re already really making the most of your new life out on the east coast and that is awesome! Plus, the runs you get to do are gorgeous!

  2. restaurants and their secret items!!! WTF?! but i’m already mildly obsessed with panera, so i’m sure they can do no wrong. the have some kind of cinnamon crunch type bagel that is seriously what dreams are made of!!!

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