Big City Excursions – Williamsburg

Where to even begin? Living in the city is certainly MUCH different than being a tourist.  When I told people I was moving to New York, I’m sure they pictured me living in the middle of Times Square.  Oh no, no, no.  That would not be pleasant.  There are way too many people ignorant tourists who can’t figure out how to walk in a straight line and feel the need to hold hands in some of the busiest areas.  Not cool.

I actually interviewed for a job located right in Times Square and while I decided it wouldn’t be the perfect fit career-wise, I sure was glad I wouldn’t have to make that commute every day.


However, I do believe that the best thing about living in a city, especially New York, is that you are simply minutes away from the next attraction, restaurant, or outing.  In Los Angeles, you actually have to commit to having plans.  That would be due to the lovely freeway structures and constant flow of traffic.  Here in the city, public transportation is at its best and on my walks to work, I’ve passed too many interesting stores, parks, bars, and restaurants. Below are some notes, along with a photo dump, of my recent excursions.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This is considered an influential hub for indie, rock, hipster culture and the local art community.  It’s filled with various ethnic groups and packed with various people from New York on the weekends, looking to explore something new and different.  Wow, that last part fits me perfectly 😉 

IMG_3822It’s easily accessible via the L train and some of the best spots are located right off Bedford Ave (1st stop in Brooklyn after leaving Manhattan – 1st Ave).  My roommate Hope and I have explored this area a few times, picking out places to eat, wandering through various stores and thrift shops, taking in the entire scene.  As I’ve mentioned before, one of the best parts about living in a city, is the vast amount of people-watching one can do.  It’s practically endless!

IMG_3791_Fotor_Collage - brooklyn shops

I’m partial to the stores with kitchen supplies and food goodies.  Lucky for me, these are the types of stores Hope likes to wander through as well!  We just have to watch our wallets, not in terms of getting stolen, but rather spending too much on funky kitchen gadgets.

Fun fact, there is also a WHISK store located near the Flatiron in Manhattan.  Sure it’s a bit pricey but finding that on my way home from work made my afternoon.  I would categorize these types of stores as my happy places – the endless options housed within those four walls – too many gorgeous looking appliances and the many recipes that could be created.

IMG_3791_Fotor_Collage - bedford

Note all the flavors below – popcorn, pumpkin, coffee, maple walnut, rum raisin, cookies & cream, chocolate peanut butter oreo, mango sorbet, red raspberry chardonnay, smurfette, cookie dough, brownie blast, piece of cake, mint chip, and chocolate cabernet.



I used to be a big cookies & cream person but have morphed into a mint chip connoisseur.  Funny because when I was little I had an aversion to mint chip ice cream and Mexican food.  Now that would probably make up my dream meal. 

IMG_3791_Fotor_Collage - random

The first time we wandered through Williamsburg, it was quite a warm afternoon.  People were eating their beloved brunch outside and sipping mimosas and bloody mary’s in the wonderful sun.  This last weekend we made another trip out to Brooklyn and while it was a bit chillier, the sun was still out and people were soaking up the perfect fall weather.

It’s crazy to think how diverse the city is, especially between all the different burroughs.  There is so much to see, places to eat, and people to meet.  Until the next time Brooklyn.

“Believe that you can do it, under any circumstances. Because if you believe you can, then you really will.  That belief just keeps you searching for the answers, then pretty soon you get it”  – Wally “Famous” Amos. 


4 thoughts on “Big City Excursions – Williamsburg

  1. You make me so jealous living in NYC, and here I am in little Athens with shoddy public transportation and almost zero of those cute little kitchen stores you mentioned. Those are my favorite stores – I love looking at food and food gadgets even more than eating food or using food gadgets! My friends don’t normally indulge my obsession with foodie things, but I’m glad you’ve got a roommate who does 🙂

    I love your picture collages – how do you make those, if you don’t mind sharing? They’re gorgeous!

    • Oh I adore wandering any type of store! The online websites are not even close to as much fun but still deadly 🙂 My friends in college thought I was strange but luckily I’ve picked up some who don’t mind and even love it more than I do! It’s usually something my sister and I bond over.

      Thank you! I use picframe on my phone and then fotor on my computer. Both are excellent for putting pictures in a thematic arrangement. 🙂

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