What I Love About Fall Food

Before I jump into this week’s munching roundup hosted by Jenn at Peas & Crayons, I’ll go ahead and share a few of my random thoughts.

Kate Spade needs to stop advertising its sales.  Or I should just avoid all means of accessing shopping stores, websites, or literally freeze my credit cards.  There is just too much good stuff out there.  And there need to stop being sample sales next to my work.  Right now Under Armour is literally one block away and they have SO MUCH and decent prices.

I also need to create a massive buffer between me and any type of candy.  Usually I’m good about spreading out my sugar intake and saving up for the good stuff.  I don’t know what happened Monday but I must have had some underlying stress combined with lack of sleep that prevented me from realizing I was full and altering my willpower.  Oh well, what’s done is done.  I did whip up some good junk in ‘da trunk cookies to take to work and my roommate gave two thumbs up.  This helped me get rid of some of some ingredients in the kitchen.  I try not to house too much junk in my apartment, just because I know myself and know that I will dive in whenever is around, especially if I’m a bit stressed.  Eva Longoria claims the no sugar diet helps with energy and sleep.  I think I might try my hand at it.  Although I have a few sweet treat recipes coming out in the next few weeks, so no guarantees.

made these while riding Monday’s sugar high.  The plan was to use up any remaining candy in the house and instead bring them to work for my coworkers. 🙂  They pretty much loved me and hated me at the same time. 

One more random thought – has anyone heard of the Mercury Retrograde?  Where Mercury is in such a position that impacts our communication and makes technology go haywire?  This would sort of make sense why my phone keeps acting up, I never hear it when it rings, it continued to drop calls yesterday, the washing machines in our apartment complex don’t work (one even ate my $20…I had a lovely conversation with the company about that), and the computers at work keep breaking.  Don’t believe me? Check out this Huffington Post article on the matter.

Their recommendations: editing, revising, reviewing, research, relaxing, and regrouping. Also, cleaning out clutter, organizing and catching up on paperwork are highly favored during this time. Above all, remember that this is a magical time to reconnect with the past while revisiting abandoned projects and renewing old relationships. Have a magical retrograde!

So onto food, food, food.  Breakfasts have been anything from bagels from our company’s Thursday bagel delivery to pumpkin overnight oats to a Shakeology smoothie to go.  This morning in particular I threw in half a large frozen banana and a handful of spinach.


In terms of lunch, I finally got into the habit of prepping meals for the week on Sunday, which saves some money by not eating $12 salads every day.  As of late, lunches consist of quinoa, pepper, carrots, spinach, green beans, and hummus.  I might not be eating enough protein since I end up hungry throughout parts of the afternoon and am pretty much starving by dinner.  As you can see, the snacks are distributed throughout the afternoon and if I’m lucky, avoid most of the candy.  That is, “if” I’m lucky.


Does anyone watch Revenge? I’m starting from the beginning on Netflix and it’s too good.  Not to mention the attractiveness of the cast 😉

IMG_0958This is my favorite dinner by far – salmon with some type of squash or sweet potato and some sauteed kale.  Add a dollop of ketchup and mustard and we are good to go.  I was still hungry after my body pump class, so some peanut butter and almond milk was added to the late night mix.  Maybe I should add some more pumpkin to my daily routine 🙂


Here are some of my favorite recipes thus far (some are oh-so-old and desperately need to be recreated) –

And yes, a recipe for this will be happening SOON.

Do you find yourself hungry throughout the day?  What are your favorite snacks?  Favorite fall foods?

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.” – Anna Freud


8 thoughts on “What I Love About Fall Food

  1. Okay, if eating “no sugar and no carbs” made me look like Eva Longoria, I’d probably do it too. But how can that be possible, without passing out? I’d have to hibernate if I stopped eating carbs. If you do it, please let me know if it works for you! Maybe it would be a good detox after all the Halloween treats, and before the Thanksgiving feasts?

    Your list of pumpkin treats made me so hungry, and I just ate breakfast. Kind of wish I’d looked at that list BEFORE I ate!

    • Right, I read a lot of these no sugar articles and it makes sense. I think in terms of carbs, it’s what we know – “no/limited white” carbs. I’ve tried the no sugar (not even fruit) and noticed a difference. Once I get over my cold, I may experiment again but you are right, it would be nice after Halloween. That’s probably the plan 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh stop it. All of the pumpkin foods! I just really want pumpkin cookies. I should tell my mom so she brings them for me next week… or we can hang out REALLY SOON and make them! I’m dead serious. As for the no sugar thing, I thought about it last spring and ultimately decided it was too restrictive for me. I would probably just crave sugar way more. And I crave carbs like no other in the winter (or starting now, really) so that would just be a nightmare and I would feel sorry for everyone around me. I guess carbs and sugar will stay in my life for a little longer 😉

    • I KNOW! I will get on the planning thing 🙂 You are totally right about the craving thing. When I say “no” to myself, I end up craving it more than ever. I’ll just work around so I find the good stuff. Ok, meetup SOON

  3. Hey! Nice to meet a fellow NYC blogger. I know what you mean about 12 dollar salads. Try hale and hearty. I usually get out of there for 8.50. I am all over the no sugar diet about 90% of the time. It is addicting.

  4. That lunch would have had me looking for a snack within the hour…….! No wonder you’re starving when you get home. Maybe add beans/tempeh/tofu to the quinoa? Or an apple with nut butter on the side? I have found that a late afternoon snack of a cup of plain greek yogurt with a mini larabar crumbled in it keeps me full thru the rest of my workday (which can often be 8pm)

    • That’s a great idea! I started adding in tofu later in the week and it seemed to help. Nut butter + apple or a greek yogurt sounds perfect. I’ll test it out! Thanks.

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