Fun News and Some Non-Marathon Eats

Guess what? It’s my HALF-BIRTHDAY 🙂 Ok, not the exciting news you were expecting but hey, it’s still fun to think about.  We could all be celebrating our “un-birthdays” like in Alice & Wonderland but let’s instead celebrate the fact that it’s Wednesday and that means checking in on what everyone is eating.  After you’ve enjoyed this lovely recap, check out Jenn’s party at Peas & Crayons.

Last Sunday was the ING New York Marathon where over 48,000 people crossed through the five bouroughs and accomplished what most people dream of doing – running 26.2 miles successfully.  It was an even more memorable race due to the fact that last year’s race was canceled by Hurricane Sandy and of course the recent Boston Marathon tragedy.  I started watching the race on TV and was so amazed by some of the people running and their stories of why they run or how they came about the NYC Marathon.


It was a beyond gorgeous day to run and even to spectate.  It was a bit chilly, but all the runners seemed to be dressed appropriately.  On a side note, I found this helpful tool to when you can’t figure out what to wear running during various weather patterns.  Check this out on Runner’s World.

Back in high school, I used to LOVE the feeling of a cross-country invitational.  It usually was better after I had finished racing, when the nerves of competing had been replaced with adrenaline and excitement.  Somehow watching everyone pound through the pain made me want to run one.  I know it’s hell for some and just another run for others – but it’s on my bucket list.  I want to do at least one, just need to figure out when, where, and with whom.  I’m ok doing half marathons on my own, but training and attending the race as a group and having people to cheer you on and wait at the finish would make it much easier to stay motivated.  Most marathons, like NYC, are run on a lottery system, so I’ve got to start planning ASAP if that’s something I truly want to do.

Because it was the weekend, I tried to let myself sleep in and wake up sans-alarm.  Usually this equates to 8am but because it was daylight savings, I woke up around 7.  A run would have been nice, especially on the day of the marathon, but after Saturday’s 8-miler and butts&guts class, I needed to rest.  Let’s just say there were muscles in my rear that I didn’t know existed until then.


So instead, I fixed myself a piece of toast, peanut butter, and half a frozen banana and went back to my bed to sip coffee and blog.  Around 9:30, I turned on the TV to watch what was happening at the NYM and see the leader pack race through the concrete jungle.  Can you imagine running 26 miles at 5:30 pace?  I’ve never even run 1 mile that fast.  

I heard stories of how people started proposing during the race, even at mile 24.  Running isn’t always pretty, but I’d say that’s a pretty neat way to have it happen.  It would sure get you through the last two miles. 😉


Here are some pics of the race – people in fun costumes and my friend/co-worker Lauren KILLING IT! We missed seeing her at mile 16, but managed to catch her around 23.5 and were screaming her name and cheering her on.  She ultimately finished her first marathon in 3:20, qualifying for Boston! Isn’t she a champ?

After we saw a bit of the race, we wandered through the park, attempting to reach the west side where the post-race celebration would be taking place.  However, around 1:30, we were all starving and decided lunch was necessary.  I felt like Goldilocks because none of us could decide what we wanted to eat; nothing was quite right, until we reached a taco shop.  Oh dear, it was JUST what I was craving.

IMG_4238_Fotor_CollageFish taco w/ chips & guac and a cup of horchata…DIVINE

As the afternoon wore on, it became much chillier and so back to the apartment I went for some TV time (football + Revenge) and soup and grilled cheese. Good thought process but terribly disappointed by store soup.  Not impressed.

Happy Wednesday! Have you ever watched/completed a marathon?  Any suggestions of marathons to train for?  A destination race sounds fun 🙂

“Today you are You.  That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than you.” – Dr. Seuss


10 thoughts on “Fun News and Some Non-Marathon Eats

  1. Marathon training. Yep, seeing all these posts inspires me too. We have to make it through this weekend’s 10k first though 😉 jk it won’t be hard since we’ll be chatting away the whole time. I REALLY want to do a destination race. Rock n’ Roll Vegas would be awesome. My first full will be somewhere I love though, that I do know. CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND!

  2. i would have loved to be in NYC on marathon day! i spectated the race in middle school when my mom ran, but was too young to appreciate it. my feet hurt and i was bored. what a wasted opp! hopefully one day i can spectate again. your new york mug is adorable and having toast in bed on a sunday sounds SOOO LOVELY. i usually let myself sleep til my natural wake up time on weekends too (between 8 and 9) and i woke up around 8 on sunday so i would’ve gotten a 9am start without day light savings! um, i love ‘revenge’. i keep hearing the ratings suck now and i sure hope it doesn’t get cancelled!

    • I have totally done the same thing when I was little! Not realizing what a unique opportunity I had and instead focusing on how tired I was 🙂 I am almost caught up to season 2 but hear the same thing. Hopefully they keep it around!

  3. I have SUCH respect for marathon runners! I just can’t get myself to enjoy running that much. Your fall pictures are so so beautiful! It makes me miss living in a place with seasons (for a little bit. When I start seeing snow pictures floating around online I’ll sit by my pool and smile!) 🙂

  4. A marathon is definitely on my bucket list! Someday… 🙂 it was so cool to watch all the runners on tv. I can’t imagine practically sprinting for 26 miles!

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