Eating Through Fall Flurries

What better way to start the day than with a flurry?  No, not a McFlurry, but rather the first bout of snow I’ve ever encountered while living on the east coast.  It only lasted a few hours, but enough to throw the subways into complete chaos.  Well, onto my Tuesday’s eats hosted by Jenn at Peas & Crayons. 🙂

So I had planned to go running with my friend Laura, but when I woke up, my foot was still killing me, so it no longer seemed like a smart decision.  Laura hadn’t slept well and so we decided that we both needed to just sleep in a bit (10 minutes for more me) and regroup later this week.  I’m actually not sure how the whole running in the morning or even morning workouts will go, simply because I need to get to work by 8:30 (or earlier).  Part of me gets nervous about it, but then again things will work out; all in due time.

Also, I saw this last night.  Is Twitter trying to tell me something?

Instead of running, I attempted a YouTube pilates video, jumped in the shower, and headed out the door to my second day of work.  What I’ve found from starting a new job (two in the past three months) is that it comes with ups and downs.  There are new names and faces, procedures and perks, schedules and routines to deal with.  So far I love the people I work with.  I have a great cube, we all eat together for lunch, and as you can see later on, the view is GORGEOUS!  Sure I can’t walk to work anymore, but given that the temperature is dropping and rain and snow are heading our way, this isn’t so bad after all.

In terms of meal routine, I need to figure out how I want to deal with breakfasts and lunches.  Our cafeteria is loaded with goodies at reduced prices, so that might be one way to go.  Today I settled for the last of my Trader Joe’s pumpkin yogurts.



Most of my days have been spent shadowing other digital sales reps and I have to say, the time has passed a lot faster than I would have predicted.  Sitting and watching others do their work isn’t always the most intriguing thing, especially when I haven’t even started official training.  But, it’s helpful to see it once, twice, or maybe even 8 times before I get started.


Around 12:30, we all headed down to our cafeteria where I picked up some sauteed spinach + onions, chicken breast, and fried plantains.  


After a few more shadowing sessions, I took a break to organize some programs on my computer and satisfy a tummy rumbling with some almonds and coconut water + green tea.


This beverage is currently my favorite because it dulls down the overwhelming flavor of coconut water and adds a punch of green tea, perfect for metabolism, anti-aging, arthritis, bones, and clear skin.


Now that winter is around the corner, I need to pick up a good ‘ol winter coat.  Any tips?  My mom is visiting this weekend so I plan to have her help me go shopping but I wanted to do some scouting. Bloomingdales + H&M + Burlington Coat Factory + DSW.


Once home, it was time to make my favorite dinner – salmon + kale + roasted veggies (although it doesn’t photograph well).  Part of the inspiration came from reading Sara’s post here listing out some of the purple plant’s benefits.  From fiber to phytonutrients to antioxidants, it’s just one mega superfood and I was in seventh heaven.  I’d love to make more original dinners, but when it gets to 7:30 and this is a known quantity.

Finished up with a couple chocolate crinkle cookies and tad bit of vanilla coconut milk ice cream and watching a couple of my favorite shows with my roommate. Did anyone watch The Mindy Project?  Absolutely hilarious about the texting!

d3adc7c9fbfad2858a18350660b8c54aHave a wonderful Wednesday 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Eating Through Fall Flurries

  1. random side note because I was kind of a-wall – so sad I missed you in DC but way to go on just coming here on a whim, planned by yourself and just kind of exploring. I am dying to do that but just haven’t done it

  2. Ha that twitter account! Boo for your foot hurting. I hope it gets better really fast slash I REALLY hope I can find a race bib to run with ya! Morning workouts are tough. Once winter hits for real my motivation to run at the crack of dawn totally disappears. Well, it already has. And those views. You aren’t kidding! Glad to hear those first few days are going well!

    • Really though, twitter can be weird sometimes! Yes I hope you find one because that would be fun!! It’s this whole daylight savings business. Not so fun 😉 thanks!

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