Marvelous Weekend with Mama Fuelling

The past weekend certainly was marvelous.  I was able to spent a majority of it with my mom and we sure did conquer the city.  Many thanks to Healthy Diva Eats for reminding us to focus on the marvelous parts of our day 🙂

My mom spent Thursday night with us and so on Friday, she decided to tag along with me on my route to work and grab a holiday cup of coffee at Starbucks.  I’m still figuring out when to get up and when to leave the apartment so that I’m not at work TOO early, but then again, so I’m not cutting it too close.  As I went to work, my mom walked herself back down to my apartment, checked into our hotel, wandered around, and back up to my office.  I’m pretty sure she covered over 100 blocks and all without a map!  She’s quite the navigator 🙂 IMG_1269_Fotor_Collage

The work day was relatively uneventful, so I’ll spare you those details.  I was able to leave around 4:15/4:30 though because our carpets were getting replaced and so the construction crew forced everyone out of the cubes.  This was perfect because I met my mom at the nearby shopping plaza and we picked out some more professional work outfits.  I really hadn’t don’t any clothes shopping since I moved out and felt a new job required an updated wardrobe.  Let’s just say I had some fun at JCrew and walked out very successful.  We met up with my friend Laura and headed over to Bloomingdales where I managed to pick up a winter coat.  Laura is also from California and had spent about 8 hours researching the pros and cons of various winter coats.

What’s the deal with NY & Fur?  I tried to tease my dad by telling him we bought a new hat.  There was no reaction.  Sad day.

Turns out we both purchased the same one, although I spent close to no time researching and went into the whole process by the seat of my pants.  This seems to mirror most of my transition to New York – little research and just lots of guts. 😉 My mom claims that the purpose of the trip was to make sure I had a decent coat to travel in, so once that was purchased, she felt quite relaxed.


Dinner was somewhat of a treat as we had reservations at the Plaza Food Hall.  The Todd English Food Hall is an accumulation of little restaurants underneath the famous Plaza hotel.  Here you can order a number of items to split or indulge in yourself.  From pasta to seafood, sushi to “land” items, the choice is all yours and the items are beyond delicious.  We sat down to enjoy a glass of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon blanc as we began to eye the menu. Since all three of us aren’t really picky eaters (or at least enjoy sharing meals) we decided on the Chinese chicken and ginger dumplings, Food Hall sliders, crispy eggplant flat breads (you had me at eggplant), and risotto tater tots.  Boy were we satisfied.  Each of the menu items was truly cooked to perfection and while I’m not usually a fan of potatoes or tater tots, I was in seventh heaven with the risotto variety.


Plaza Food Hall
1 W 59th Street, New York, NY 10019
Sun-Thu: 11am-10pmFri-Sat: 11am-11pm

The other fun aspect of the Plaza is that it’s where Eloise, the famous book and later movie was based.  If you are not familiar with Eloise at the Plaza (gasp), it’s about a little girl who lives in the Plaza hotel with her turtle and dog, Skipperdee and Weenie.  She goes on all sorts of adventures and makes life seem absolutely hilarious. There is a portrait of Eloise located on the first floor of the hotel, right outside the tea room.  I think Laura and I plan to go back for tea one day 🙂 Care to join?


On Saturday we met back up with Laura for a lovely run in Central Park and one of our weekly treats from the French bakery on 23rd.  This happens to be my favorite routine and I’ll be oh so sad when the leaves finally do leave us.  However, Laura said that it’s even more picturesque in the winter when you can see straight through the branches to each and every building.  I have to say, I’m blessed and thankful to have Laura in my life.  It’s also something with being a runner that instantly brings you closer to someone. Definitely a story or post for another time, but she just seems to understand life and I love it.


My sister actually happened to be racing at her college regionals cross-country race and lucky for us, they were streaming it live!  Ok, the connection was pretty horrific but we managed to scream and squeal as Meghan crossed the finish line 5th for her team with Claremont finishing 1st overall.  They will take on Nationals in Indiana next week, so best of luck to them all!

Post-race viewing, we wandered down through Union Square, grabbed a bite to eat at Au Bon Pain, and arrived in the Lower East Side for a tour of the Tenement Museum.  This was a tour that my mom and dad had actually stumbled upon during their last visit.  We selected the “Shop Life” tour where we learned about the many businesses that were held during the span of 150 years in that one tenement.  Normally I’m found looking at the clock as we edge through museums, yet I didn’t even realize the 90 minutes go by as I was absorbed in the history and facts our guide share with us.


In true Fuelling fashion, we bustled back through the streets of lower Manhattan, back to through Union Square where I was able to show my mom how insane the Trader Joe’s lines usually are (50 people waiting outside, just to get INTO the store), and back to our hotel.  We grabbed a quite bite at the restaurant adjoining our hotel (eggplant parm for me and pasta carbonara for madre) before entering the throngs of tourists in Times Square.  There we saw the musical Newsies, which was even more interesting because I had a better understanding of Manhattan and the musical is based in New York.

Sunday morning we had planned to sleep in, but of course were both wide awake at 8am. Not a bad problem to have because we were able to shower, grab a bite to eat and trek our goods back to my apartment.  I’m sure we looked funny; just your average bag ladies crossing town.

le pain quidoten

Seeing my mom was more than lovely, but did tug at my heart a little.  I have been quite alright living on my own for the past 8-10 weeks but seeing her leave made me just the tiniest bit homesick.  It is after all only natural to feel nostalgic and homesick when you leave something or someone quite pleasant.  However, tallyho into the present and future we go.


13 thoughts on “Marvelous Weekend with Mama Fuelling

  1. I spent a day at home and then had to leave, so I definitely understand the nostalgic/homesick feeling you have! Your adventures look quite fun – and hey, I’ll join for tea at the plaza 😉 !

  2. Indeed- the weekend was marvelous! I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment! Thanks for being my tour guide and my forever friend!

  3. Your weekend sounds absolutely incredible. Like, my dream. I love Eloise so I would feel like a kid in a candy shop there. Definitely on my list of things to do now. You and your mom really hit up all the stops! Shopping, food, broadway shows, hotel living, can it get any better? I know what you mean about the homesickness hitting hard though. That’s something I always struggle with when I see my parents for the first time in awhile and I have to say goodbye. If nothing else, you have some awesome memories to hold onto until your next visit!

    • See, great minds think alike!! So when you visit, let’s go see Eloise 🙂 Homesickness as we know is normal, just tough sometimes. Oh my gosh, sidenote I love your new blog picture!!

  4. it is so funny to me when you talk about buying a winter coat. i had a friend move to minnesota from arizona to play baseball in college, and when he got here he was telling me he had to buy a winter coat and he didn’t even know anything about them or how much they cost or anything! all i could do was laugh at him because as a wisco girl i have like 6 winter coats! hahaha.

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