Friday Favorites

For some reason I keep thinking that it’s still the beginning of fall.  Like early October when it should still be warm outside.  This actually happens to me every year where I fail to realize Mother Nature changes the weather patterns every so often and this requires us to change our wardrobes.  So I can’t dress in a flannel shirt and pair of jeans in 34F?  Um, probably not the best idea but I’ve done it (too many times to count) already.  Chances are I’ll make this rookie mistake again, but hey I’ll learn.  Hopefully.

runners high

What will be new is plodding along running on Sunday in 34F.  I signed up for this half marathon on a whim and sort of realized that it’s 2ish days away.  I also realized when looking at Google Maps that it’s a bit further via public transit than I had planned.  Oh well, luckily it doesn’t start until 10:30 (um, unheard of for a race!) and I can pick up some junk sweats at Salvation Army to toss when I start.  (Shout-out to my buddy Lauren for that tip!)


 For some light Friday reads, check out these wonderful articles by the Lipstick Gospel.  I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this blog, most likely another blogger had linked up, but I adore her articles.  It’s another one of those things where you find yourself nodding to some (or maybe all) of what she says.

If asked what my favorite activity was besides exercising, blogging, baking, and eating (I know, I’m so much fun to be around), I’d probably have to say laughing.  For some reason reading a Buzzfeed article or Pinterest eCard cracks me up and hey, it’s definitely not endangering my health, so why stop?

IMG_1307Maybe if I had a good swim coach I could actually train for a triathlon properly or maybe just motivated to swim more.  Most of the triathlons I competed in, I would wing my swim training.  This is due to the fact I really don’t like swimming, I find it completely boring and lonely.  Not to say I’m a bad swimmer, I just don’t like to practice.  So, I would end up getting trampled by all the legitimate collegiate teams like CAL POLY San Luis Obispo, CAL, UCLA, Oregon, etc.

IMG_1306Because a girl can never get enough ice cream.  Even in winter.  Dare I say it tastes better in winter?  Possibly because it doesn’t melt as fast.

IMG_4419Truly blessed to have this girl as my friend.  We met all the way back in California and just so happened to live about 400 yards away.  Always important to remember the value of friendships, especially those that support you through thick and thin 🙂

And finally a link to make you feel better about yourself.  Thank you Buzzfeed for the ingenious content you produce on a daily basis.

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! 


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. HAHAH this post killed me. I was reading it yesterday night but felt too lazy to comment on my phone (it’s getting annoying). I’m obsessed with buzz feed. Also, that lifeguard picture. And ice cream.
    GOOD LUCK TOMORROWWWWWWWW I know you are going to do amazing!

    • Haha I know what you mean about the phone and responding. I read most of the posts on my phone but it’s such a hassle to respond, so I try to remember to re-save the emails and respond later. Oops 😉

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