The Power of a Weekend

The weekend really never seems long enough.  One minute it’s Friday afternoon and the next thing you know it’s pitch black on a Sunday night.  However, we are getting closer and closer to the official holiday season!  While I have been a supporter of Starbuck’s red cups and Christmas beverages, I really think that the day after Thanksgiving is the time to bring out all the bells and whistles.  The Christmas market at Union Square has already opened, so I’m super pumped to check that out when I return from Thanksgiving.  I’m not sure how much damage my credit card can handle at one time, so I might as well push it off as long as possible.

So, while we are just four days away, let’s get a recap of what’s marvelous in the world.


Marvelous is … Spending your Friday night cooking up a storm.  I went over to Laura’s apartment where we proceeded to make homemade pesto, stuffed kale red peppers, AND homemade enchiladas.  All recipes I pulled randomly from my Pinterest boards.  How’s that for being productive and crafty?  The family dog Hercules could smell what was happening in the kitchen and was bound and determined to obtain some of that ground beef.  Sorry bud, don’t think that’s good for you.

IMG_1395Marvelous is … finding a new ice cream flavor.  This was also a part of my Friday night shenanigans and boy was it good.  What’s funny is we went out to get ice cream before meeting up with Laura’s friends at a local bar.  Usually ice cream comes post drinks, but really ice cream is good any time.

IMG_1400 Marvelous is … coming home to this sign.  My roommates knew I was going to be running on Sunday and made an adorable sign.  One of my roommates had also run cross country in high school, so she included the phrase her coach would always use.  Don’t worry Mother, I did not steal anything. 🙂

IMG_1414_FotorMarvelous is … proving a point.  Ok, maybe it was just a point to myself – the idea that I can handle the elements.  I tend to have a “I can do anything” mentality, which sometimes gets me into trouble.  I’ll have a better recap on Wednesday but basically Sunday’s forecast called for winds of 20-40mph and a temperature of around 9F.  13.1 miles later … you get the picture.

This week shouldn’t be too bad as I’ll be heading out for Thanksgiving on Wednesday afternoon.  It will be the first year I’m not with family but am stoked about going to see our family friends in Philly.  What’s strange (maybe a good thing) is that I’m not uber homesick. I was able to see my mom last week and call everyone pretty often.  I don’t really know what I would do without the daily calls to my mom, dad, and sister, and weekly calls to my girlfriends back in California, so that obviously helps a ton. I even got to facetime two of my best friends in SF last night, which was amazing.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill


14 thoughts on “The Power of a Weekend

  1. I can’t wait to hear your recap from the half! I barely survived my run yesterday afternoon so I have no idea how you raced!! Also, ice cream is good at any time for sure. I’ve been known to have it in the mornings before… yolo 😉

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