Random Ramblings – December Edition

Sunday proved to be a relatively productive day.  After arriving safely home from Philly, I stopped off at the 6th Avenue Trader Joe’s, braved the endless (but surprisingly speedy) line for groceries, walked home, concocted fresh cranberry sauce, made two more trips to the grocery store, baked homemade brownies, and began to re-organize the pictures on my iPhoto.  How’s that for a sentence?  I doubt it’s entirely grammatically correct, but that’s another issue for another day.


I like to treat each month like a fresh start – a chance to change my habits and find new motivation.  I’m about three or four weeks into my new job and am testing out various workouts.  Let me just say that waking up early is TOUGH.  No, that’s not an excuse or meant to be a complaint, but it’s a fact.  I’m trying to re-train my body to wake up early in order to work out.  Somehow the fact that it’s pitch-black outside doesn’t make it any more enticing get up let alone walk to the gym.  It’s just more of a hassle because I try to get into work by 8:30 and if I want to work out beforehand, I need to factor in extra time to walk the mile to the gym as well as time to shower, look presentable, and find a decent subway to work.

That aside, I’m going to try to slowly move my alarm back and see if I can avoid the curse of the “snooze” button, something I NEVER did in high school or college, which is surprising.


I realized there is 17 days until I come home for the holidays.  Isn’t that surreal?  I feel as if I’ve been focused on what’s happening in the moment (good thing I guess) that I didn’t even realize how suddenly it’s coming up.  We’ve spent all this time looking forward to the Christmas season and now that it’s here, it’s flying by.  Make sure to take some time to have a hot cocoa and enjoy the wonderful lights out there.


It’s that time there are so many festive activities to partake in, many of which are free, some of which are not.  From running races ($30 for a 10k with hot cocoa?) to this bar crawl called Santacon (hmm, not sure how I feel about day drinking) to all the movie marathons in between, there is lots happening here in the Big Apple.  I’d like to get a workout accomplished in the morning, simply so I have extra time to wander during the evening, but that seems to be more difficult than I thought.

A couple things I do have on my list for this week:

  • Rockefeller Tree Lighting – Wednesday’s tree lighting looks to be insanely crowded (simply from referring to last year’s event) but may be well worth it.  I’m debating whether I stop off at Magnolia’s for some bread pudding and hot cocoa, chill out at the tree lighting around 7, and then hop on the Subway home for the SNL Christmas special at 8.  Cutting it close but sounds like a solid plan.
  • Holiday Home Tour – I stumbled across this tour in one of my DailyCandy emails.  How fun would it be to see a house decked out in style?
  • Union Square & Grand Central Holiday Markets – The first and last time I experienced such wonderful holiday markets was when I was abroad in Barcelona.  Vendors set up booths with all sorts of goodies and people wander for hours, searching and selecting the perfect holiday gifts.


I think I need to reduce my coffee/caffeine intake and increase my exercise.  This would simply be due to the fact that my mind ZOOMS a million miles a minute if the ratio is reversed.  Not an excellent recipe for a calm and collected Kaitlin.

I also happened to contribute to another blog called The Flairist.  My latest post is about managing the holidays, so if you ever so inclined, feel free to check it out!

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
– e. e. cummings


7 thoughts on “Random Ramblings – December Edition

  1. Okay so now I REALLY wish I lived closer so I could invite myself along to all of these holiday events. If any city does christmas right, it’s new york city. I’ll just have to settle for living vicariously through your pictures until I can experience it for myself, hopefully at least once while I’m home for break. And then there’s always our Boston trip…

  2. Oh man, I would be so jealous if you make it to the Christmas Tree Lighting and then home in time to watch the SNL Christmas special. I watch both every year on TV.. and even though I have seen it a million times, Rockefeller Center is one of the only touristy things I always try to check off my list when I visit NYC! I was there for Veteran’s Day last year and they put up the tree the DAY we left!

    • Dang you have the perfect plan! Apparently it’s so crowded that it would be impossible to see the stage but I’m going to try 🙂 I was able to see it last year and boy it’s a beauty! Let me know if you visit again and I’ll treat you to a mimosa

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