Marvelous During the Holidays

We are not quite 12 days away from Christmas, so I guess I’ll have to hold off on some quirky countdown.  For now, let’s jump into what’s marvelous in the world. Thank you to Healthy Diva Eats for reminding us to pick out the positives 🙂

Marvelous is … Spending time with family friends and their adorable and absolutely hilarious pooch.  This would be Wrigley, the dog who has extreme separation anxiety and had more pictures taken of him during Thanksgiving than the food did.


Marvelous is … Discovering new tricks for organizing. Those who know me understand my love for organization.  Well, my room may not be the best example but I love to take the entire kitchen apart when I’m home.  My dad even commented last year “Ah, I know when Kaitlin is home because the tupperware is all over the floor and I never know where to find the Teddy Grahams.”  Oh TFred, you know you love it 😉

Well, along with organizing, I love to gift-wrap and am always trying to keep things in order.   I found this trick in Real Simple and just had to share it.  For “No-Stress Storage” slide an empty toilet-paper roll over a roll of opened wrapping paper to prevent it from unraveling.  Keep labels together by bunching together with a rubber band or piling into an old gift box (Think JCrew’s tiny boxes or something similar)


Yes, I looked like a lumberjack as I carried this home.

Marvelous is … HAVING A LEGIT CHRISTMAS TREE! Can you tell that I’m excited?  My mom used to pick up little baby trees from Trader Joe’s but we decided to go all out in our apartment.  I swear, we may not have had much the first two weeks we all lived together but my roommate went to town on decorations (actually she just picked them up from her house 🙂 ) and it’s beyond adorable.


Marvelous is … New York Shenanigans – shopping along the decorated and overly crowded 5th avenue, wandering through Union Square market items, enjoying multiple workouts at my local gym, treating myself to a acai bowl from Juice Generation, and just plain ‘ol exploring.


Marvelous is … Trying something new – like a Upper East Holiday House Tour.  $35 for a tour of a fancy looking home completely overly decorated?  Sure, I considered it more of a test or experiment as New York decorating really isn’t my thing.  After wandering for a mere 20 minutes, I realized that I am a California girl through and through and fall in love with the true simplicity of Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn (even though it’s quite out of my current price range).  Funny enough I walked past both of these stores after the home tour and felt so much more at home than I did throughout the entire tour.  IMG_4427_Fotor_CollageMy photos don’t do enough justice.  It was just so “New York” and so “Upper East Side” that I couldn’t document enough.  Just trust me on this one 😉 Think extravagant Sex in the City.


Marvelous is … Hanging out with coworkers.  Not only did my friend make an amazing garlic bread (yes, coming from a girl who doesn’t usually choose bread) but my other coworker put together an divine lasagna and together we had a wonderful night of games, dinner, and fun.  That combined with lights decorating the office, free Pinkberry, and Christmas gifts come early, I’d say it’s been a great December.

I also finished off the weekend with a tree lighting party with my new friends Laura and James at James’s family home.  Friends, family, and some good food and wine made for a wonderful Sunday night.  Hope everyone’s holiday season is going well!  Carpe diem!

“A negative mind will never get you a positive life.” – Dale Partridge


10 thoughts on “Marvelous During the Holidays

  1. I NEED SOME GARLIC BREAD IN MY LIFE! Oh man your weekend really does sound absolutely perfect and so “New York.” I love it. I can’t believe it’s the first time you’ve had a legit christmas tree! that’s my absolute most favorite thing about christmas and I couldn’t imagine not having a giant one in our living room, even though my parents think it’s kind of a waste to get a really nice one since it’s only there for a few weeks. Holiday spirit, people!

    • Oh garlic bread = heaven! We’ve had family trees but this is my first legit tree on my own 🙂 I love sitting by the fire (sans fire in NY) with a cup of hot cocoa and reading. Doesn’t that just sound like Christmas?

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