Soul Cycle for the Win

Announcement.  I AM HOOKED ON SOULCYCLE.  Yes, it’s a cult.  Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it may change my life.  Ok, a little too dramatic but I’m in love with working out.


For those of you who don’t know what Soul Cycle is, it’s basically a spin class on steroids.  Studios have popped up all over the country and fitness enthusiasts such as myself (or at least I’d like to think so) are flocking to their doors.  At around $34 a class, it can become a pretty pricey hobby, but then again, it’s better than getting into other sorts of trouble, right?


When you break it down completely, it is just another spin class.  Each studio is fitted with about 50 or so bikes and participants arrive ready for a sweat.  Ok, maybe it’s not exactly like your normal spin class.  People are so obsessed that when the registration opens each week at 12pm, you must be armed and ready with your credit card number to reserve a bike.  That’s right, you don’t “wing it” and show up hoping there will be a bike left.  No, people are hard core and plan out their days based upon their spin class.  Sounds like my kind of fun 😉


When you first arrive, you check into the front desk, pick up a complimentary SMART water and get pumped for the next hour of your life. They also provide lockers, hair ties, gum, and some other fun essentials.  I believe you pay an extra couple dollars to rent shoes, although I seemed to get my first session free of charge.  Again, if you are planning to make Soul Cycle a regular thing, it might be worthwhile to invest in some spin shoes. 

Because it is a higher priced affair, they make sure to keep the facilities in tip-top shape.  Even the bathroom was supplied with a legitimate bottle of face wash – not to be stolen but rather shared among other die-hard cyclists.  Per usual, I arrived with two massive bags (just call me the bag lady) and had to somehow use up multiple lockers before getting caught.  Not that it would really matter, but I have a guilt-conscience, so I still sort of felt bad. 


I first started to hear about such a place this summer or possibly last spring.  I didn’t really think about paying the price to spin until my friends at Hulu were talking about going.  We were searching for ways to celebrate a couple coworker birthdays and while drinks are fun, dinner is enjoyable, working out sounds even BETTER!


What I started to realize is that it’s basically like a rave on a bike.  No, I’ve never been to a rave (except that time I accidentally walked through Love Fest in San Francisco) but I’m really just talking about the loud music and the fact that everyone is absorbed into the atmosphere.  This differs by instructor, but the classes I’ve enjoyed most tend to have playlists with a fast beat and great tempo, even the songs that are somewhat techno.  I don’t know about you, but working out to music with a fast beat and great tempo gets me pumped up and ready to go.  It felt like one of those infinity or invincible moments where you feel on top of the world.

My friend swears that I need to test out some of the other studios and create a comparison.  Another excuse to work out?  If you insist 🙂 She also was kind enough to gift me a guest pass to one of the Equinox studios, which I’ll be testing out this afternoon. I have a current membership to 24 Hours Fitness and although it’s a bit out of my way commute-wise, I love their classes too much to give it up.  Hopefully I don’t love it that much 😉

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” 
― Dalai Lama XIV


8 thoughts on “Soul Cycle for the Win

  1. OH MY GOSH WHEN (not if, WHEN) I COME VISIT YOU IN NYC CAN WE GO TO ONE OF THESE?!?! I’ve been wanting to try it out FOREVER! Okay, enough caps. But you know my favorite way to celebrate/hang out with friends is by doing something active and I want to try soul cycle SO badly. I just started going to a spin studio near my condo and it’s okay, but I feel like I’d fall in love with this. That might not be a good thing…

    • This is why when you recommended a run last month, it was BRILLIANT! We will find some shenanigans when you are here. It definitely was a thing where I wanted to try it but didn’t have anyone to go with. Let’s just say I’m working paycheck to paycheck and loving all the experiences 🙂

  2. A Soul Cycle literally just opened here in the Stanford Shopping Center! I’m so pumped to try it-especially now that I’m Spin certified 🙂 I want to try a ton of classes at different spin studios to help me figure out how I want to teach classes-that’s a good enough excuse to go…right?? Plus it’s ridiculously close and sounds amazing.

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