Rounding Up The Latest

It’s Friday.  Friday the 13th.  The holidays are near.  What’s new in the world?

Articles and blog posts that are totally accurate.  I’m talking about those websites you find where the entire time you are nodding your head or even smiling and laughing.  I started to read this one – “12 Sayings Only People from California Will Understand” in the subway and I immediately went from “Why am I groggy…it’s Thursday…I’m totally going to be the first one in the office…it’s only 7:45” to laughing my head off and probably freaking a few people out.  Ok, it was that dramatic of a difference but I did get a few interesting looks.  I’ll pull out a couple of my favorites, but I really can’t do the article justice.

    • It takes 20 minutes depending on traffic.” – Not only are we apparently the only people to put “the” in front of every freeway, but traffic is everywhere! I somehow wanted to believe there wouldn’t be traffic and every single time, was shocked and sometimes annoyed that there was.
    • “Whatever you do, definitely don’t say ‘Cali'” – Whoever thought that’s how we speak is certainly mistaken.  You will NEVER hear someone say Cali.  Ok, I’ve been guilty of using #caligirl in my instagram photos, but that’s because #californiagirl is uber long


  • Finding excellent gifts for those who really have everything they need or just are difficult to buy for.  It’s much more fun to pick out funky and out of the norm gifts, here featured by  Dish towels might be in a better price range but don’t let me stop you there.  This site has OODLES of goodies.


  • Realizing the perks and oddities of being an adult and fully employed:
    • Surviving off your first paycheck:  No more “food money” (aka Kate Spade) money coming in the mail.  Just kidding, I have always tried to support myself (food/entertainment, etc) between work and internships, but having a few extra bucks for one’s baking experiments was nice.
    • Cleaning the apartment: (including the bathroom).  You mean the toilet won’t clean itself? That and changing the bed sheets.  Ugh, no.
    • Exercise needs to be planned to the minute:  I never was a willy-nilly exerciser – just popping out for a run because a class was cancelled.  I am a strategic planner.  That being said, I have to think more than ever about getting up at 6 or waiting until after work.  Then there’s the question of a social life.  Don’t mess with me and my workout plans.


  • Coffee Addictions: I could save way too much money if I stopped buying coffee.  Thank goodness I only drink the black stuff, but it still adds up.  And don’t go telling me it’s bad for my health or whatnot.  I love the flavor and it has become a morning routine for me. 
  • Friendships:  I missed expressing my gratitude around Thanksgiving, but then when is it really a bad time to say thanks.  I’ve felt closer to a couple of my high school friends than ever before.  In fact, now that I think about it, I’ve known them since elementary school or even pre-school!  There are so many excellent articles about friendship (many of which I will share one day) but this quote/paragraph by Sara Smiles hits the nail on the head.  The post is actually from a few months back, but I’ve kept it in my inbox to re-read when I’m feeling confused or let down.

“One thing is clear: friendship, like any other relationship, takes work.  The permeation of technology and invention of email, cell phones, and texting facilitates communication, sure, but who has a friend out there that never responds to email, never answers her phone, or blatantly doesnt text back when you know her phone is by her side?  It’s a two-way street.  Hell, it’s a street I have gone down many times only to be fender-bendered with frustration.  I’ll be honest when I say dear friendships have fizzled for this reason.  But I get it: people change…Yes, people change, but down the road, maybe things can come back full circle.  I’ve realized that the friendships I’ve maintained from home, ever since we were wee ones, are raw and non-judgemental; that these girls will love me no matter what.  I feel so lucky.”

And finally, what type of cheese describes your personality?  We can thank Huffington Post for another strangely accurate article.  Sadly there was no cheesecake, because I’m sweet but have an extra tart or sassy kick to my personality 😉

“A person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
– Albert Einstein

3 thoughts on “Rounding Up The Latest

  1. Haha so the california thing- my roommate read those to me as we were eating dinner and said it was the most accurate depiction of california she had seen online yet. It’s amazing how well we know the place we come from! And the friendship post- so good, thanks for sharing! It’s SO hard to maintain long distance ones but when we do, it’s almost always worth it. The people who are meant to be there will be. That’s one thing I’ve learned since moving away from my hometown after high school graduation.

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