Flashback – 2013 in Review

What a better way to celebrate what’s marvelous in the world than to relive some of the past year’s memories?  I truly am grateful for all the opportunities in 2013 – between graduating from a four-year university to exploring the United Kingdom with my family to moving across the country to unknown territory and finally to landing my first job – I could not be more thankful for my, my family and friends’ health and well-being.


I decided to take last week off from blogging simply because I was only home for 7 days.  I didn’t want my nose buried in some piece of technology when I could be spending time with friends and family in the beautiful hills of Southern California.  So, now that I’m heading back east once more, I present to you a photo-dump and recap of 2013.


  • Graduating from the well-known SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY in June 2013.  This diploma not only represented the past four years of hard work, but rather the past twelve+ years of schooling.  Such a bittersweet event as I no longer would be able to welcome weeks of vacation during the holidays or summer months.  However, where one door closes, another door opens 🙂


 One of the best surprises of Christmas was when Laura (left) switched her flight so she could see me and we could all go to Disneyland.  You wouldn’t believe how excited I was!IMG_1810

  • Reconnecting with my elementary school girlfriends – For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to have a solid group of friends.  I spent so much time searching that I didn’t realize my true best friends were right in my own backyard.  It’s true that distance and experience make relationships stronger and I do believe our shared experiences and trust of one another helped me realize how invaluable these girls are to me.  It amazes me that we can simply pick up the phone or go on a hike after months of not seeing one another and it’s like nothing has changed.


Traveling throughout the United Kingdom 


My family and I took a ten-ish day jaunt throughout London and the surrounding areas. Meghan and I then I broke away from the pack and traveled throughout parts of Scotland and back down around to London.  I cannot adequately describe how awesome of an adventure this was, more so looking back 😉


The culture, the sites, the accents.  Even the endless Shakespeare and countless historical Roman museums were worth it 😉 Good stuff.


  • Becoming more accepting and supportive of myself – There usually isn’t a ton about body image on this blog, but I’m proud of the way I’ve grown in the past year (ok, maybe 4-6 months).  Goodness knows I have been insecure about my body, my life, and myself for the longest time.  I talked a little bit about letting go on Friday and appreciate the resounding support.  I used to worry about social life, school, grades, jobs, body image, and more.  It’s a life-long process, but I’ve reached a mindset that focuses on my happiness and me rather than what society deems normal.  My involvement with blogging has helped me reach this point and realize how I’m not alone in these struggles or quests.  In addition, I’ve cultivated the mindset about life – it is what you make of it and there’s no room for regret.


  • Making new friends –  My sister thought we would get along simply because we loved to run and loved JCrew.  That’s a good start, right?  Well, over the past few months we have had so much fun running and rambling that I don’t know how my move to New York could have been any different.  It’s amazing to have people in your life that offer perspective and challenge your thoughts and I thank her all the time for it.


  • Moving to the Concrete Jungle – This past September was huge when I picked up my life (~19 years in California) and moved to New York.  I’m the first to admit I didn’t do all the necessary research but rather what I do best – fly by the seat of my pants.  I think I was (and am) trying to prove a point to myself as well as those who said I couldn’t do it.  I did enter with an internship and some knowledge of where to live, but what’s the point in setting so many expectations?  It was quite an adventure learning the city and making the most of every opportunity.


  • What’s happened since September?  Well, I have a full time job that I love, many more friends and acquaintances, a gym that I enjoy (LOVE WORKOUT CLASSES!), roommates that are hilarious and amazing, and the whole city in front of me.


  • Celebrating Christmas SoCal Style – Sunny & 75 degrees – To me, there’s no other way to do it.  It was wonderful to be home and I can’t thank my family and friends enough for the good memories.  From Disneyland to running to celebrating with the whole crew on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. 


  • It’s fascinating to think about the future and not pinpoint when I’ll be back on the west coast.  I’ve never had that feeling and what’s even more interesting, is that I’m not scared.  I used to despise returning to school but now I’m just keeping my chin up and planning out my next adventure.

 Wishing you the best in the rest of 2013 and see you in the New Year!

“The moment of enlightenment is when a person’s dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities.”
– Vic Braden 


20 thoughts on “Flashback – 2013 in Review

  1. You really had a big year. I mean… You’re a college graduate now living in a strange city. My favorite part of blogging has been watching all of my blog friends (and myself) change overtime. It really does shallow us to see how much we’ve changed and I would say it’s for the better 😉 can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

    • Isn’t it crazy how all of this changed in the past year?? I love watching and re-reading our posts to see how we have evolved over the months. Can’t wait to plan our shenanigans! NYC watch out!

  2. My dream is to live in Cali 🙂 We visited San Fran two summers ago and drove down route one as south as Big Sur. It was the best vacation of our lives! Next time we go, we’re doing Southern California. It was just too much to do in one trip!

  3. Fantastic, life changing year! A year that many college grads dream of, or at least I dreamed of! I would love to go to the UK. Moving is such a big deal and especially to NYC. What a wonderful year! Good luck in 2014!

  4. you are seriously such a brave girl. it takes a lot of courage to move across the country like that. especially to new york city, which chews up and spits back out a lot of people. so glad i’ve gotten to get to know you through your blog 🙂

  5. I am so very proud of you! I of course loved seeing you and spending Christmas Eve with you! I reflected on our run last December( so great to see you crush it) and compare that Kaitlin to today. You have accomplished so much and I am loving to see your growth and shedding of very age appropriate angst without a total transformation of the Kaitlin we all know and love! My favorite new quote (yes sadly from a Christmas card) is .. Enjoy the Journey! And you definitely are now! Go Get’em and Fight on! (Sorry couldn’t resist) …xo

  6. I couldn’t imagine not having snow on Christmas, but you are so right- there’s no other way that you’d wish it. From both sides. Although the warm temps do sound awful appealing… 😉

    Congratulations on graduating and getting that full time job. Your 2013 was packed to the brim with exciting stuff. Good luck in 2014!

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