Eating Through Chelsea Market

Food, food, food.  So what happens when you tell people you maintain a food blog and then you realize you haven’t posted about food (other than the random eats) for ages.  This happened to me last week when I met a couple wonderful people in Starbucks, struck up a conversation, told them about my blog and realized it really hasn’t been about food lately.  I’m not really sure how to classify my blog and so I change the description based on who I am talking to.

You are interested in food?  Sure, it’s a food blog – here are some recipes and a few restaurant reviews.  Don’t be looking for paragraphs written to the extent of Rachel Reichl’s reviews, but a few pictures and notes should do the trick.

You are interested in motivational quotes or just plain ‘ol random life advice?  I’ve definitely got that going on but by no means could I call this a life support blog (unless it’s my own therapy, then that’s pretty accurate).

You are into working out and healthy living?  Hm, I really don’t post a lot about workouts or diet simply because I don’t have a degree in the field and barely keep my own schedule together.  I wouldn’t want to confuse anyone with my “fly by the seat of my pants” schedule.

I guess we’ll go with my “Ramblings about Life, Food, & Adventures”  That seems to cover the bases.  So, let’s move onto the food portion of the week with a check-in to the Peas & Crayons Party.  This week covers my Saturday eats, which were the only day I managed to snag pictures and probably the least exciting 🙂 So please, hold onto your excitement as we dive in.

I woke up around 8 or so and decided a piece of toast with peanut butter and jelly and banana was in order before working out.  Honestly, I wasn’t that hungry but knew it would be a tough class and was not in favor of feeling faint (as if that happens to me…more of an exaggeration).  Paired with a cup of green tea, it was ultimately a smart decision.


Friday’s Hercules Blizzard had left a fair amount of snow and sludge and I decided to trek over to 24 Hours Fitness for back to back fitness classes – Total Body Conditioning “TBC” (currently a favorite and it whips your butt) and RPM (high intensity and very loud/pump-up music spin class).  I’m starting to feel like a regular in the TBC, getting to know those around me, but not enough to stand in the front row.  No, with my poor hand-eye coordination, I don’t want anyone watching me as an example.


After class I was close to ravenous so I picked up a light chocolate milk for the road/subway.  Probably could have gone for coconut water, which has more potassium and fewer ingredients but hey, I was craving the calcium and really just the flavor.  From there, I traveled down to the lower part of Manhattan to run a couple of errands and picked up this beauty from Juice Generation.  My friend had told me if you are feeling under the weather to grab a “Cold Warrior” – ginger, green tea, oranges, echinecea, vitamin c, and zinc.  It was quite heavy on the ginger, but I felt my sore throat slowly going away. (*emphasis on slowly).


My next stop?  The CHELSEA MARKET!  I had heard of this food hot-spot a number of times and finally got the itch to check it out.  It’s quite the hip area down there, located on the west side around 16th street – right across from Google as a matter of fact.  Inside the warehouse looking building you can find a number of funky restaurants and shops with everything from sushi to lobster to cakes and Italian groceries.


It’s quite the popular destination, especially by food tours and tourists, so prepare to navigate the hallway among crowds of people.  I walked from window to window, eyeing the menus, salivating over the entrees, and sampling anything that was offered.


Being the queen of indecision, I couldn’t settle on a place to eat.  I really wanted a sandwich and milkshake but somehow convinced myself that a crepe would do.  This is what happens when I eat alone – I make grand plans to cook or eat out in fun places and instead settle for simple sautéed vegetables and known quantities.


I wasn’t ready to call it a day so I headed back home to my local Starbucks to read and sip a Café AuLait or Misto? Not the best but it kept me warm in the semi-freezing temps.

What is it with coffee shops and their wooden chairs?  I couldn’t find a nice sofa or plush chair for the life of me.  I know they don’t want you or the homeless camping out forever, but really?

Anyhoo, an hour+ in the warmth and I was ready to head back to the apartment for some football and food.


Anyways, dinner was absolutely pathetic – multiple bowls of spinach with ranch dressing, baby carrots, and a few spoonfuls of peanut butter w/ coconut and chocolate chips.  Right, that’s sometimes what a grown-up eats and hence why I don’t always advocate my blog as a “food blog” 😉


Finished the evening at a local movie theater where my roommate and I watched American Hustle.  I’m always a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and thought the plot was pretty solid.  They kept me guessing the whole time, so that should count for something, right?

Any suggestions of places to eat in NYC?  Anything random to share? 🙂

20 thoughts on “Eating Through Chelsea Market

  1. So many good places to check out! Chocolate milk is my favorite “recovery” food but if I’m being honest I don’t think about it helping my muscles after a workout, I just like how it tastes. I’m clearly not a nutrition expert either. And although I’d call my blog a “running blog” I don’t actually talk that much about running. Just one of those things!

    • NYC does have some of the best, except I never EAT THERE! haha issues. Chocolate milk is a childhood classic for me and I just justify the muscle thing, but I’m not the best nutrition expert either. 🙂

  2. i completely agree about not knowing what to “categorize” your blog as, i feel that same way so often. but whatever yours is i love it! haha. also, chelsea market, omg! last time i was in nyc last fall to visit my sister we spend like the whole afternoon there just gawking at all the yummy food and cool things you can buy there. you make me miss nyc so much!! you’re so lucky to live in such a wonderful city!

  3. That sounds like a really fun night! That places looks insane! I would love to visit NYC, it would be my dream. PS I watched the Mindy Project and she carries a tree all the way to her work and it made me think of you. didn’t you post about doing that lol?

  4. I live on Long Island and don’t get in to the city much anymore but my sister lives in Brooklyn (Willamsburg). Lots of fun stuff going on there. I would really like to get to Chelsea Market, it looks like a fun place to visit. PS. I don’t feel like my eats are anything extravagant either!

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