Big Time Throwback

So over break, I took it upon myself to go through my belongings, (“ruthlessly”) sorting between keep, toss, and donate.  I can be quite the sentimentalist, so there were oodles of artwork, projects, essays, and report cards to sort through – and that’s only my school stuff.  Who doesn’t love going through old pictures?  That is unless it’s 4-grade and onward where my awkward and chubby phase really came into play.  Before that I was sort of adorable 😉 


Well, as I went through all my school work, I found it interesting to read the comments that my teachers gave me.  Ever since kindergarten, I’ve been quite the energetic child (and probably a teacher’s pet…can’t help it – it’s genetics 😉 )who loves to help others but if not challenged, can get distracted.  Some of the comments truly made me laugh and seem to describe my personality to this day:

Pre-school: Easily accepts routine, enjoys playing in groups, actively involved, Kaitlin is very confidant! (exclamation included by teacher not me 😉 ), emotional development = happy, self-sufficient, talkative, silly, enthusiastic, solving most things on her own (with relation to conflicts)


Kindergarten: “Kaitlin has become more relaxed and seems happy to be in school (who doesn’t get new-environment anxieties??) She always plays happily”

Grade 2: “Kaitlin has a delightful personality and enthusiastic student who has learned to share her thoughts at the appropriate times (oops, guess that doesn’t always happen anymore)…gets into trouble when she forgets to read for understanding (still true) when she is not challenged she can become distracted…It is evident there is a rich, learning environment at home” (thanks Mom & Dad 🙂 )


I guess we may not change over time but it’s neat to see how we evolve, don’t you agree? Looks like I’ve always been the sort of independent gal though.


“For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.” ― John Connolly


6 thoughts on “Big Time Throwback

  1. You’re adorable! I too have been going through my old things and while some pieces of me have stayed the same, I am also completely different than the person my teachers described in my reports. I guess that’s part of growing up!

  2. these are fantastic!! You were one cute kid lol!! Man, I miss the days of being a happily ignorant child sometimes!

    Have a great day xx

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