Friday Favorites & Surprise Guests in NYC!

Thank goodness we are finished with this week.  According to some, this past Monday was known as “Blue Monday” and I don’t blame them.  It’s certainly depressing with the holidays behind us and no more cheery decorations or vacations to look forward to.  But, as it doesn’t help to stay focused on the past so let’s check out some favorites and onto the weekend we go!


1 – Organizing my life.  Although I purchased a planner back in September, it’s fun to get my various calendars in order and prepped for the year ahead.  Confession – I work off of at least five planners or calendars, seven if you count the two I use at work.  Luckily they all serve different purposes – Runner’s World to track workouts, iPhone for day to day schedule (in case of conflicts…yes I’m addicted to my iPhone), seahorse day planner for random thoughts, notes, to-do list, Keep Calm (above) for food/menu planning, etc.

2 – Speaking of planning, I JUST signed up for my next half-marathon!  I was trying to find a way to re-organize my life and stay motivated.  Yup, this will do 🙂

3 – Enjoying some Christmas goodies – between my surprise Kindle Fire and the accompanying Vera Bradley case, I’m in seventh heaven.  On my return trip to New York, I finished the entire second Hunger Games (again), just in time to see the movie on New Years Eve.  Now I’m onto the third (again) just because.IMG_2057

4 – The return of my favorite shows – From Revenge (um surprise it’s back in JANUARY??) to Pretty Little Liars, Downton Abbey to the Bachelor and yes the Mindy Project too.  Slightly upset with Hulu for requiring a cable subscription to watch the Bacehlor.  Not cool Hulu, not cool.  But, my favorite show this week? THE BEST OF JIMMY FALLON! Oh my gosh he’s my comedy hero.  End of story.

photo (5)

5 – Cooking up a storm – Ok, in all actuality I’m just making grilled vegetables night after night, but adding these makes a WORLD of difference.  My uncle makes his own seasonings and I swear (not because I’m related) they are the BEST out there.  Trust me – it’s something with his formula.

6 – Seeing my friends get into blogging – Of course I love my blends (blogger friends), but it’s also neat to see my friends from home get into the blogging craze.  Check out “Control Find” by my friend Kat.  She started a few weeks ago and is already on a roll!  Check out her posts, which share some thought-provoking videos (how cell-phones interfere with our lives, self-perception, etc) as well as some fun adventures around the world.


MEGNAN (my nickname for my sister) IS IN TOWN!  Along with her good friend Rae from CMC.  The running joke is that Rae is our other sister since she made the family calendar 3 times, which was 2 more than Bodie 🙂 Watch out NYC!

“Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.”
– Judy Garland


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites & Surprise Guests in NYC!

  1. So I wanted to do that half in NYC but it’s the same weekend as a race I’m running for the store. Bummer. I know how excited you are for your sisters visit so I hope you guys have an absolute blast and scope out all the good spots for my visit next week 🙂

    • Ah man that would have been awesome! Then we could have eaten lunch together! Def remind me about this summer’s race so I don’t accidentally leave town 😉 I trust you will have some awesome recs for where we need to eat and explore.

  2. have fun with your sister! So exciting that you signed up for another half. This post really lifted my spirits, we really do have a lot to look forward to even thought the holidays are over. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Say Hi to Meghan! Have a great time together and nice display of Green Dot- we will be looking to you to be the east coast sales and marketing arm when it launches! Miss you both!

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