How About Change?

This isn’t a deep post and it sure won’t be long.  Change, change, change.  I’m usually ok with some change, unless it’s the last minute swap of fitness instructors at my favorite class.

Last night I planned to attend two workout classes – 30/60/90 and Body Pump. The clocked ticked towards 6:30 and no sign of the normal instructor for 30/60/90 but I did spot the older, gruff man with terrible music.  Not cool 24 Hour Fitness.

Some of the regulars and I weren’t too enthused and while I knew this wouldn’t be the exact workout I was looking forward to (sweat-inducing, muscles aching, music blasting) I had to make the most of the situation.  Let’s just say that the the Rocky Balboa soundtrack isn’t my jam but we did end up working our arm muscles to pieces.

I should be open to new things and should be open to different teaching styles but no.  This is my time, my workout, and my happy time.  Thankfully the Body Pump class exceeded my expectations and I felt good about going to the gym.

Just one of those days.



8 thoughts on “How About Change?

    • You may have a point 🙂 I don’t like disappointment, something I figured out a long time ago, so I may have connected the “failed” workout to some other disappointment. Who knows!

  1. Ugh that makes me SO mad. It happened last Sunday and instead of the bubbly intense instructor I usually have it was the old lady who taught cardio mix like old school aerobics. Boring and so not enthusiastic. This is the worst kind of change, the last minute kind, but I’m not great with any change.

  2. I hate those days at the gym. I have a hard time mentally handling a workout that doesnt go as I planned. I literally will not allow myself to schedule my workouts for the week because life happens and if I write “spin” in my calendar and end up being late to the gym because of work and I do half an hour on the stairs instead, if I have to go into my calendar and change that I will feel guilty. So I literally write my workouts into my calendar after they’ve happened! I guess my calendar serves as more of a workout log than workout planner. Hey, you still did something and that’s what’s important! Alas, we cannot control everything.

    • This is very true and I tend to do the same thing. I don’t like crossing out workouts I missed or didn’t do (something of a Type A pet-peeve) but it’s especially hard when I’ve gotten psyched up for a class. Let’s just say I don’t do well with disappointment. You are so right though, at least I didn’t just go straight home. All about making the most of life.

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