Oooo Baby It’s Weekend!

Who is ready for WEEKEND and a day off on Monday?  Happy belated birthday to a Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. indeed.  I’ll be spending my Monday morning volunteering with a few people from work at a local soup kitchen.  But before I get to that I have to say how unbelievably excited I am for the weekend when I get to gallivant throughout New York with Sarah and finally meet Carrie.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know these two girls and thing we will do just fine in the BIg Apple together 🙂

Here’s some of the things I’m loving for the second week of the year 🙂

Watching movies –  So far I’ve seen “Saving Mr. Banks”, “American Hustle”, and “Hunger Games”.  Since the Oscar nominations came out yesterday, I’m itching to go see some more.  Last night I sort of digressed intellectually while watching Austen Powers for the first time.  It’s sort of a classic (in some sense) and was on Amazon Prime and just the perfect length so that’s that. 



Loved chilling and exploring with Meghan last weekend.  🙂 Best of luck as she returns to school and the up-coming track season.


Isn’t this adorable?  Meghan actually gets props for picking this out from Fish Eddys.  We had been over to Marshalls to pick up an extra blanket for her (apparently my apartment was too chilly?) and I just couldn’t help myself.  I grew up eating with placements – from the Mickey Mouse placement at my grandparents to the interactive maps at home. Not to mention it is my favorite shade of blue, so it was a no-brainer.


Sometimes (maybe more than sometimes) I feel like this is me.  My family likes to say I talk to talk.  I’m pretty sure they tune me out at this point but my coworkers aren’t always so lucky. 😉  Ok, I’m not that bad and I’m sure you are that much richer knowing the random tidbits of information I share.


This is probably my favorite motto because you can’t put life off forever – even if it is going for a run after work (despite the chill) or finally doing my laundry.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


11 thoughts on “Oooo Baby It’s Weekend!

  1. Djdhhfsjje excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling. And as a blogger,I guess that makes me am over sharer. At least I get to spend the weekend with people who understand my ways 🙂

    • Ahhhhhh this will be uhmazing. Getting to ramble and talk and catch up all.weekend.long. Too bad my coworkers don’t understand blogging and blends sometimes haha Oh well.

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