Live a Little

Well folks, it was quite the weekend and I’m not really sure where to begin.  It was one of those weekends full of surprises, good talks, walks, and no set schedule.  That whole go-with-the-flow idea?  It can be pretty fun and rewarding 🙂

As many of you bloggers have found, it’s pretty easy to strike up a friendship with one another, especially if you have been reading each other’s blogs.  So what about visiting one another and actually hanging out?  To some non-bloggers, this sounds creepy, but hey what would you call online dating then?  I was trying to explain to a couple coworkers what I was doing over the weekend and they just didn’t understand that I had met a couple friends online and was actually going to hang out with them.  Really people, this is the 21st century, but I guess you don’t really understand until you start blogging.


Ok, besides the point.  Anyways, I mentioned last week I was going to hang out with Sarah and Carrie and we did and IT.WAS.A.BLAST!  The three of us have been talking about getting together at some point and well, tickets were booked last Wednesday and we actually made it happen.  Now that is what I call spur of the moment fun or spontaneity.


Carrie arrived later on Friday night and we immediately went for sushi and frozen yogurt.  We planned to have more of the adventurous foods as Sarah isn’t the biggest fan of that stuff and she will tell you so.  Anyways, after we practically inhaled our sushi, which was divine, we decided that a round of frozen yogurt was only necessary.  We didn’t plan on raging at any of the bars, so obviously spending an equivalent amount of money on 16 Handles was the best choice.  May I mention that I’ve never had better frozen yogurt?  Trust me, I’ve had my fair share and even last week’s batch left me feeling a little jittery from the sugar content.  This time – no such feeling!  Glorious flavors and toppings and a relatively good price.

IMG_2254_Fotor _Collage

On Saturday I took Carrie up to Central Park where we proceeded to walk/jog/explore for three glorious miles.  They were quite chilly miles though because it had started to rain and snow, neither of which I was quite prepared for.  Carrie is used to sub-freezing temperatures in Wisconsin but I keep pulling the “oh it was sunny at one point, it must only be 45F”.  Once a California girl, always a California girl.


Once we were satisfied with the sights, we made our way to Gene’s – the diner I discovered last week – for some good ‘ol diner brunch.  Carrie was successful with her pancakes but I didn’t fair so well.  For some reason the waiter decided over easy eggs were better than poached and white toast was a good equivalent for wheat.  Not so much but the diner coffee exceeded expectations, so two thumbs up.  Quite the attractive photo, I know.  😉


Later, after showering and warming up a bit, I took her through Eataly and Times Square, aka tourist central.  I mean, when in New York, see all the touristy sites, right?  We made sure to wander through the M&M store, pick up free samples from the Hershey store, and lots of pictures.  Fast-forward a few hours and it was time to pick up Sarah from the Penn Station and were soon on our way.

For what fun happened next come back tomorrow 🙂 Until then, check out some more marvelous bloggers here!



19 thoughts on “Live a Little

  1. omg even tho i clearly know what happened i am still eager to see the rest!!! such a cliff hanger! hahaha. i seriously had such a blast and it’s so nice to be able to call blog friends, real friends. i told my mom you weren’t a weirdo/serial killer, and that you were, you know..normal! so she is on board. hahaha. it’s true tho, those who know blog, don’t understand.

  2. still need to get my butt to nyc. I have to say, I have done the whole stay with a blogger thing and have bloggers stay with me (even one coming in march!) – people are always like whatttt but I have to say I have the best friendships from them

    • NYC is amazing! But then DC was a blast when I visited back in November. It’s so much fun to see how people are similar and get to know one another these days 🙂

  3. Wooooooo hahaha eat all the adventurous foods before I get there… I like it 😉 but I do want to try 16 handles someday so that’s next on my NYC list!

  4. Oh goodness, it’s always entertaining to me to try and explain blogger meet ups to my friends/family. They’re used to it now, but in the beginning they thought I was nuts. I still get a kick out of watching Joe try to explain where we’re going and why to his friends and family if we’re on our way to something blogging related. They still think I’m crazy 😛 the beginning of this weekend sounds amazing…diner food, froyo, and a run in central park?? Can’t lie…definitely more than a little jealous of that 🙂

    • Really if you have a good method of explaining the phenomenon let me know 😉 My mom is now on board just because I talk about it all the time and she sees how happy the blogging and blends make me.

      If you make it out here, I’d be happy to run through Central Park and pick up some froyo! 🙂

      • Mmm I think everyone just got tired of me trying to explain so they just now nod and smile and say, “that sounds great! Have fun!” Haha works for me 😛 If I make it your way, I’ll definitely let you know. I have family that lives in NJ less than an hour outside the city, and I’m hoping to see them later in the year!

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