MLK Day Munchies

Thanks to a day off on Monday, I’m somewhat rested and cannot believe it’s already Wednesday!  Let me be honest, my days off don’t usually entail relaxation.  I tend to pack my schedule a little too tight, but that’s my personality.

Since many of you might be visiting my blog from the WIAW link, I’ll catch you up on the previous two posts.  This past weekend I spend some time with my blogger friends, or blends as they are sometimes called.  Y’all probably understand how tough it is to explain to outsiders (those who don’t blog or don’t understand blogs) about your new found friends.  When I came across this Thought Catalog article about the hardest things people have to learn in the 20’s and it makes perfect sense.  For example, how does one make friends if they don’t always have the time to join clubs related to all their hobbies, approach random strangers in the gym, or pick up cooking classes at night?  Besides, when I do attend gym classes, most people are already in their own cliques or friends groups and I feel like I’m in junior high again.

IMG_2364 Thought Catalog suggests learning – “How to make friends outside of school. We’re all so used to having our friends ‘provided’ to us by circumstance, that once we leave the support network of school/college/university we often find our social lives stall somewhat. You actually have to get out there and meet people through your own efforts, something a lot of people are unprepared for – I know I was (am!).  Also, realising that your relationship with your old friends is going to change can be hard for some to swallow. You will all have your own lives to live. Them not being around when you expect them to be can take some getting used to.”

So there we go.  Now onto my marvelous eats from Monday’s day off of work!

Started the day off with a run along the east river trail with my good friend Laura.  She was off for an entire month from grad-school and it was wonderful to have her back.  We both decided that just saying you live in New York is such a magical experience – even if it means dealing with the freezing temps and blustery snow storms 🙂 All a part of life people and we will get through this.


Afterwards, I cleaned up and made myself a PlantFusion smoothie filled with a frozen banana, unsweetened almond milk, frozen blueberries, and a tad bit of Chobani Greek yogurt. My-oh-my it seriously was one of my best smoothies!

I had to consume the smoothie on the way to my volunteer event – helping out at a local soup kitchen.  This was an opportunity organized by people at work and I thought that it would be a wonderful way to give back.  Of course everyone seemed to have the same idea and so instead of being able to actually serve food or even clean the tables, I somehow was stuck guarding our coats.  I didn’t complain because it still gave me a chance to talk to some of the guests and make a mental note of thanks for the blessings I have in my life.


Once that was over, I walked through Trader Joe’s, where there was practically NO line (*the 6th avenue TJ’s is far-superior to the Union Square), and went home for lunch.  As I walked home, I considered my options – buy lunch (soup? tuna melt off a truck? latte and chocolate croissant from my favorite bakery?) or make lunch.  Well, the stingy side came out and I settled for a grilled cheese and side salad.  Of course when I didn’t wait for my hunger to settle, I inhaled the remainder of the sunflower seed jar and a small apple.  There actually wasn’t much left and it left me satisfied for the rest of the afternoon.


A few TV shows later, I was ready to be out and about.  As I mentioned earlier, relaxing is not my strong point.  I have a huge case of the FOMO and feel the need to be outside whenever I get the chance.  That or I feel the need to be productive in my apartment.  Maybe I’ll pick up knitting again.   Feel free to call me a grandma, no offense taken.


I met up with Laura once again and we attempted to pick her up a New York Public Library card.  But, of course it would be closed for MLK day.  At least we got some good pics without all the tourists!


A little shopping at Joe Fresh (SUPER deals! I tried to limit my purchases and managed to come out with 2 shirts for $6), Thai dinner at Grand Central Terminal, and going to see The Hobbit rounded off our afternoon of fun.   You know the movie wasn’t half bad!  Of course it would have helped if I had seen The Lord of the Rings or the first movie, or you know … READ THE BOOKS.  But, all in all a good experience 🙂


How do you like to spend your days off?


17 thoughts on “MLK Day Munchies

  1. You really make the most of life in the city! This is why we get along so well- neither of us can sit still. And grilled cheese is my go to lunch more often than not. As in I’ve eaten it almost every time I’ve had a real lunch since I got home haha

  2. days off feel like being a kid again and getting school cancelled, so thrilling!!! if we would have gone to the library you probably would have had to leave me there for the rest of the weekend. i just love books!!!!!! and i’m with sarah, grilled cheese is my go to lunch, it’s so quick and easy to make, and i’m mildly obsessed with cheese. obviously. haha.

    • Cheese on cheese on cheese ahhhhh I’m actually excited because my friend is making Sunday her study days and I’m stoked to blog and read in the gorgeous library!

  3. Hahaha you are a brave one to go to see the second hobbit without reading the books or seeing any of the others! I walked into my first lotr experience when fellowship first came out, expecting it to be just like harry potter (hadn’t read the books and knew nothing of the storyline). and thus I absolutely hated it at the time (love it now haha), so I’m glad you had a better experience! My days off are pretty similar…I like a nice mix of going out and staying in so i can catch up with friends and on sleep/my dvr 😉

  4. So I have today off and had Monday off. On Monday, I picked up a dryer and was going to take a walk along the beach till I realized how bad traffic would be very soon. The downsides of living in Southern California… I didn’t sleep last night so I’m reading blogs and then planning on napping, working out, and doing some of that walking I mentioned.

  5. Oh gosh, I’ve been craving chinese food for weeks and that looks sooooooooooooooo good. *sigh*. It is tricky making friends once you’re out of school. I’m lucky enough to have made one good one that I met because we went to all the same Zumba classes. Haha.

  6. I thought I was the only person that saw The Hobbit 2 without reading the books, or watching any of the movies! Now I feel good 🙂 I ask half of the movie to the people I went to so they wanted to kill me, but hey they wanted to see it with me!
    The trader joes of 6th ave is really cool! I went to New York in December and bought my groceries there! Instant love!!!
    On my free days I’ll waste time on Internet, exercise, study and cook some food, unless I’m at my moms so she’ll cook for me 😉 other times I’ll make some tourism along the island 😉

  7. Omg that Chinese food looks amaaaazing. I’m so jealous that you live in the city! I can’t wait to move there after I graduate college. Love your blog!

  8. I definitely pack my days off too! NYC is a great place to be if you like to be out and about—I’ve never been bored all the years I’ve lived here 🙂

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