Friday Favorites

It may have been a four day week but I’m still oh so excited it’s Friday.  There’s just something about it.  Well, you know the deal, end of the week means a round up of favorites. Enjoy 🙂

IMG_2223This, my friends, was the lovely surprise I came home to last week.  Thanks to the Chobani giveaway held by Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth (such good recipes and she is a Theta like me!).  I received an entire variety pack of Chobani yogurt.  I’ve been throwing myself into breakfast creations, from smoothies to the ever so popular overnight oats, and even the classic yogurt and granola routine.  So far I’ve stuck to what I know but am looking forward to the lemon, lime, and even pear.  Apricot was a flavor that I was skeptical about (simply because I don’t like apricots that much) and ended up loving. Do you stick to certain flavors of yogurt?


Whether it’s a compliment, completing an order at work, volunteering, or giving a gift – it makes me feel good.  Two thumbs up here.  (Don’t you wish you could put emojis in blog posts? I DO!)



Hmmm I haven’t been shopping in awhile.  Although I do need a pair of jeans.  My favorite pair were a bit too worn in and happened to split beyond repair.  #fail  We shall see what wins out.  Then there’s the question of work clothes.  I was browsing through my Pinterest board for inspiration and found an unhealthy amount of JCrew vests, Hunter boots, and summer wear.  Too bad it will be 20F for the next couple months.


Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat every now and then everyday?  This was actually from last week but I had to snap a picture and Instagram my first Wendy’s Frosty right?  If it’s not on social media, it never happened.  I do think some 16 Handles is necessary this weekend.  That or this fun 5 oz shop I discovered with Wisconsin custard.  Who cares if it’s snowing and 20F – ice cream and froyo is delicious at any time.


DID ANYONE WATCH MINDY? I’m behind on PLL but I adore the Mindy Project.  Maybe it’s because I love seeing them in New York and now I live in New York.  Not to mention I’ve seen myself replay some of the scenes in my own life – definitely not on purpose though.



18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Makes me sad that we never went to the 5oz place so you have to go so I can live vicariously through you. Also, great minds think alike? I was totally thinking about getting froyo tonight or tomorrow… And I wear a down vest and my hunters all the time in the winter! It’s all about layering 🙂

  2. WISCONSIN CUSTARD!!!! go for it and make me proud!!! 🙂 if they happen to have cheese curds, you MUST try those too! dipped in ketchup! some people dip them in ranch, but i think ranch is icky.

  3. I have actually never had frozen custard but always wanted to try it, and like you I have actually never had a frosty before. I am all about weird temperature foods even when I should want the opposite. girl, I adore vests. I am all about them. all times of year.

  4. I’ve been wanting froyo for ages now. I might be demanding some after dinner tonight…or at least sometime this weekend. Cold temps be damned! That is an awesome package to arrive home to, as well. I hope you have a great weekend hun! Stay warm in nyc!

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