Rounding Up A Weekend of Snow

As I type this up, I’m watching the Grammy’s and I have to say, marvelous can be summed up in two words – Hunter Hayes.  I swear this guy knows how to express all sorts of emotions in his songs and it must be something about his voice or country music but it makes me, and probably the rest of young women my age, melt.

Anyways, now that we’ve covered that topic, let’s cover the bases of the marvelous weekend and last weekend of January 2014!  Many thanks to Healthy Diva Eats as usual 🙂

Marvelous is going with the flow.  I really do think I’m getting the hang of this whole “don’t plan out your weekend to the minute” deal.  I had a few things on my mind – I needed a new pair of jeans, I wanted to work out, and I wanted to explore something, which is pretty average for a Kaitlin weekend.

Friday night my roommates and I found ourselves with takeout (sushi and green tea ice cream for myself) and Monsters University.  There wasn’t much else on Hulu or Netflix (so pick up your game please!) and it was the only decent RedBox movie.  All in all not half bad but I was still riding the high of Frozen.  That’s right, I went to see Frozen a couple weekends ago and AM IN LOVE!  Don’t mind this 22-year old watching a movie and laughing by herself – there were no regrets there.  Oh and did anyone else have a “you go girl” moment at the end?  Two thumbs up for Disney and Chris Buck.

On Saturday I brought my roommate to my Total Body Conditioning Class but may have oversold it.  Oops.  While it was still a workout, there wasn’t as much cardio (or I wasn’t sweating as much that day) and the music was not exactly my cup of tea.  I then satisfied my hunger with a massive salad from Sweetgreen.  Oh my gosh nommmmms.  If it wasn’t so pricey ($20 for below – juice + salad), I’d probably find myself there on the regular.  Eh, give and take and treating myself with delicious foods was worth it.


Later in the day I went with my friend Laura to volunteer up in the Bronx.  We both are a part of New York Cares and were able to find a project where we could play sports with a bunch of kids.  I have to say, it felt great to goof around, joke, and let loose, all while making a difference.


Laura and I continued down to pick up a snack (I’ve been super hungry lately – maybe because I’m lacking in the protein department of my meals) and then explored Central Park in the snow.  Two California girls in the snow makes for one grand adventure.  However, the cold started to get to us after a couple hours out there and we were ready for a hot chocolate.  I’ll do a recap of our favorite hot chocolate locations at some point but I swear, whatever we had was pretty much dark chocolate chips melted in a cup.  DIVINE if I do say so myself.


As we headed back to our apartments, I received a last minute invitation to dinner and how could I not accept when it was a couple of my Santa Clara friends and I had nothing else to do that night?


Michelle (a fellow New Yorker now 🙂 ), myself, Andrew (Michelle’s boyfriend), and Dimitri

Sunday was filled with gym time (ugh dreadmill, you are not my friend yet but keep tryiing), brunch with my roommate, plenty of shopping (#success with Nordstrom Rack!) and even some meal prep.  This came after I dropped what I thought was a lot of money at the grocery store.  I figured by picking up the necessary veggies, chicken, and other goods, I might save some cash during the week.  Who knows, it’s good in theory, right?  It probably didn’t help that I picked up some baking ingredients here and there but I love to bake for people, so I’m not really complaining.


Marvelous is catching up on the phone with a couple of my best friends.  Texting is good, email is great, but chatting on the phone is the best when they are over 2,000 miles away.

There were multiple times this weekend I thought to myself, “wow, I cannot even believe I live in such a place. The snow, the city lights, the ability to go from one part of the city to the other in practically no time at all?  Just brilliant.”

33ca11f05c4def6774b667e3338daf98Award show preference? Emmy’s, Grammy’s, or Oscars?


21 thoughts on “Rounding Up A Weekend of Snow

    • It’s actually much easier to start volunteering when you know someone else going 🙂

      And yes I was a bit skeptical because I’ve never seen bok Choy in a juice! It wasn’t half bad!

  1. I’m obsessed with Hunter Hayes! He’s so adorable, all of my friends hate him and I think they’re crazy! The Grammy’s are definitely my favorite awards show I think the other two are a little boring!

  2. I finally got to see Frozen on Friday….loved the characters and the music 🙂 Getting to play sports with kids through New York cares sounds like an awesome way to spend some time on Saturday as does frolicking in Central Park! With you on the dreadmill thing….cannot wait for this cold to be gone and the temps to be back to normal 20s and 30s haha. And my favorite awards show is usually the Golden Globes…get to see all my tv show and movie people together and it just seems like a lot more fun!

    • The music was fabulous wasn’t it? I was just telling my friend that I’m looking forward to this weekend when we hit the high 30s! Imagine a California girl saying that 🙂

  3. I mean I tell you frozen still brought me to tears, adored it. don’t care that I am 24 years old (almost typed 23…come on alex!) going with the flow is the hardest for me but always worth it in the end.

  4. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend to me! I’m impressed by you going with the flow two weeks in a row. I’m learning those are the best weekend. Let’s be honest though, I’m really just waiting for you to write the post about hot chocolate.

  5. frozen was SO GOOD. i catch myself singing ‘let it goooo let it goooo” frequently, and i dont give a F if people think it’s silly =)

    i had some delicious chicken curry from the crockpot friday night. these cold temps have me using the crockpot all the time!

  6. I LOVED frozen. Like so freaking much. I’m a sucker for animated movies and it was my favorite in forever. And I too am capable of dropping the big bucks on Sweet Green. I have the app, so it basically feels like I get it for free…until I see my credit card bill… :S

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