So Long January!

A little bit of thought amidst the photo dump for this week.  Who is ready to celebrate not only the last Friday of January but Chinese New Year, Super Bowl, AND Groundhog Day?!?!?  I’m sure y’all didn’t see that last one coming.  My 8th grade teacher was pretty much obsessed with Groundhog day.  There definitely was one year in which I woke up and called Pennsylvania to see what Punxsutawney Phil’s report was before going to school.  Nerd alert right here.

I found yet another link-up, this time on Lauren Elizabeth‘s High Five for Friday.  Let’s check out what’s happening 🙂

Living out my 20’s – When else are you able to do what you want, pick up and travel, change jobs, or try something completely out of the ordinary?  Well, you can actually do a lot of that at any age, but your 20’s are special.  I stumbled upon this blog,Sometimes Always Never, and absolutely adore it!  Whitney tells it like it is and I see some of myself in her posts and adventures. I especially loved her section about 20-somethings and even being single. Really, I know I tell you every week (day?) you need to read this, but really, PLEASE take some time to browse.


Celebrating with the best coworkers and bosses I’ve had (except for my Santa Clara boss Michelle) 🙂  I’ve had my fair share of coworkers between school jobs and internships and honestly, having a group like this to work with makes a world of difference.


Doesn’t living out your 20’s mean frozen yogurt for dinner?  I was out with my coworkers on Wednesday and decided to pick up some of the best frozen yogurt in New York City (self-serve that is).  I was tricked by Apple maps and the supposed 16 Handles on Park is non-existent.  So I decided to walk 30+ blocks to the 30th and 3rd location and then continue 20 blocks home. All in the name of frozen yogurt.


SNOW – Ok, winter isn’t exactly my favorite season (no matter the location – even when I was in California) but it’s pretty fun to see snow and be able to dress up in boots and scarves.  People thought I would freeze but I told them as long as I have the proper gear, I should be ok.  I still stand by that and now I finally get to put my Uggs to use.  Those babies gifted back in the days of junior high when it was a trend to wear them rolled down (note – I did NOT participate) with a jean skirt.  Because of course no one in Southern California ever needs boots like that.

Funny posts – Such as these two about about dating runners and why it’s such a brilliant idea.  The first was found on Elephant Journal and the follow up on Blonder Side of Life.  Between sexy assets (yes, I’m talking about those quads and toosh, built up from squats and running hills) to a love for food, we’ve got it all.


Just look at this drool worthy photo. No really, take another look.  You don’t like sweets?  Phooey.  Well get this – it doesn’t have nearly as much sugar as you think it might have.  Recipe on one of my favorite blog’s Imma Eat That and hopefully a Kaitlin rendition/attempt next week.

“We cannot do everything at once but we can do something at once.”
– Calvin Coolidge

17 thoughts on “So Long January!

  1. Yes – your 20s are definitely for spontaneous-ness, fro-yo for dinner and following your dreams. Sounds like you’re doing it right! 🙂

    Uggs, lol. The boots that everyone loves to hate. I have two pairs (I lived in the Midwest) and after I moved to AZ I was worried I would never wear them again (and I love them. So comfy!)… but I have. I don’t NEED to wear them because it doesn’t snow or get below 30 (yet) but when there’s a chill in the air I throw ’em on because I can. 🙂

  2. You always have the best articles so yes I am about to go read these. And I fully support your walking 50 blocks to the nearest 16 handles regardless of how cold it is out. Aka I would do the same thing and I’m taking you to sweet frog (and a bajillion other places) in ONE WEEK.

  3. I would have walked the city with you to get to frozen yogurt, cold and snow be damned! I’m glad that your efforts were well rewarded 🙂 I’ll be checking out those blogs shortly! Have a great weekend hun!

  4. I get so jealous when people post photos of froyo because I have never had it before! We don’t have cool self serve places where I live, and it kills me because I love ice cream!!

  5. First of all thanks for the link-up, I had a lot of fun writing that post so it’s always nice to know someone else does as well 🙂 Second, being in your 20’s rocks! I’ve picked up and moved too many times to count just b/c I could. And if froyo for dinner isn’t allowed then throw me in dinner jail haha.

    • Anytime at all! It certainly was an awesome post and too good not to share 🙂 I think it’s refreshing to have posts like that and break free from the media/society expectations that are often present in magazines and even pinterest.

      Yay for living up the 20’s!

  6. i LOVE whitney’s blog!! she wrote such an amazing post this week about settling and why we shouldn’t. i wanted to jump through the screen and hug her! and i’d have to say your 20’s are for booking flights and heading to the other end of country without telling your parents or anyone else. but i mean that’s just me.. hahaha 🙂

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