Never A Dull Moment

I’m considering making this the title of every post because that seems to be the life I lead. That or I just really need to share some random streams of consciousness about now.  Obviously there is no what I ate any day since the pictures of my food have since disappeared from my daily routine.  I’m hoping to do a few foodie posts in the near future – maybe recipes or top 5 lists, but we shall see.  I do know I want to share my top 5 coffee and iced coffee joints and of course share this PHENOMENAL soft pretzel recipe with you. I experimented this past weekend for the Super Bowl and I swear that I was in 7th heaven on Sunday night.

Apparently I’ve been inserting my work hours incorrectly.  My supervisor alerted me to this but it actually works in my favor, especially with our March Madness chaos coming up so #winning.

I’ve started to work out pretty much every day after work.  From there I walk the mile or so home.  I consider it quite relaxing of a walk since I can call home or just zone out to music.  But in the last week I’ve seen two food delivery men on the ground after their bikes were hit by cars.  Now let’s add a factor of distraction from every single person buried in his or her phone.  Crazy dangerous, right?  I’ll be a little bit more aware from now on that’s for sure.

Anyways back to the gym.  Even though I’ve been at the gym most nights, I rarely work on the cardio machines.  I’ve started picking up classes like spinning, 30-60-90, body pump, and working on the TRX machines.  Somehow I got convinced to schedule my free training session, which went relatively well except he wanted to take all the necessary fitness measurements – height, weight, and muscle measurements.  This meant using “the claw” (or what I call it) to measure body fat and tell me that sweets are not good for me.  Really sir?  I’m well aware of this.  Oh and last night as I sat watching the Bachelor and making Valentine’s themed cookies for my coworkers, a news special came on “what you don’t know about sugar and how it could be killing you.”  Thank you so much New York for your positivity.

I don’t think the trainer thinks I know what I’m doing.  I guess I don’t entirely know but I’ve been working out since high school and I’m not some hooligan trying to keep new year’s resolutions for the first time.  He tried to get me to sign up for 15 personal training sessions (pretty much the price of my rent) but I managed to get out of that one.  Sure, it would help to improve my form since I’ve been doing squats improperly my entire life.  However the price point for a few one on ones just doesn’t seem to be the right choice right now.  I’d rather spend my extra income on travel, TOMS, or maybe just savings.  No, that’s boring.  It will definitely be spent on shoes and coffee 😉

I’m perfectly happy with the classes and all I need to do is work on nutrition.  That and I’m not sure how much more time I can spend at the gym since I already spend my days with the following schedule: work (8:15/8:30-5:30/6), gym (6:15-7:30/8:30) and then home for mish-matched dinner, blogging, tv, and cross-word with tea.  What can I say? I’m a social butterfly.

I’m stoked for the weekend coming up.  Friday = dinner out with the roommates + Olympic opening ceremonies.  Saturday = 6 mile training run and SURPRISE TRIP!

Since this post has gone a little haywire, I’ll end here.  Back soon for regularly scheduled programming 😉

“To believe in yourself and to follow your dreams, to have goals in life and a drive to succeed, and to surround yourself with the things and the people that make you happy – this is success.” – Sasha Azevedo 


16 thoughts on “Never A Dull Moment

  1. akakflkjaf that would make me so angry. I had to sit down with my nutrition professor today to talk to him before lab about my history with food because it was a lab where we “learned” to calculate BMI and things. That information is ingrained in me but I also know the numbers aren’t good for me. I’m all about working on balance and I think sometimes those trainers are trained/geared towards people looking for weight loss or to just learn about what it means healthfully, so it can be frustrating to hear those things. Keep doing you since only you know what’s best!

    p.s. buying those toms.

    p.p.s. surprise trip 😉

  2. Wow sweets aren’t good for you? Learn something new everyday! 😉

    I tried a body pump class yesterday and really liked it. Gym classes are all you need in my opinion. 🙂

    • It kills me when people try to tell me these things. I want to respond, “Thank you captain obvious” but then catch myself. Most of the time. 😉

      I agree, I’m a fan of the classes and am more motivated that way!

  3. loving the rambles. I have to say my walking as part of my commute home after work is exactly what I need to zone out. I still love and need to work out in the morning but getting that walking after work totally calms me from the day.

  4. Hahaha ahh love random stuff always 🙂 I stayed away from the free training session at my gym because I knew they’d try to get me into buying a package, and I had no interest in doing so, nor did I want to hear about eating habits/what I should be doing. I’m happy with where I am, and that’s more than enough for me! I do wish the classes were at better times. I can do spin if I want to get up at 5:15 (I don’t unless I’m running), but that’s about it. Even the ones on the weekend are incovenient 😦 Good thing I only like to go to the gym to ride the bike with my book 😉

    • Good for you! I totally can get sucked into deals like this so that’s why I was extra proud that I said no thank you 🙂 I definitely did break down on Monday and did the elliptical but of course while watching Downton Abbey. Only right 🙂

  5. I love random posts with a mixture of everything! I know it’s their job and everything, but I hated how the personal trainers at the gym were always trying to rope me into buying something!

  6. Love this random stream of thoughts. Bring on the foodie posts, I’m always looking for new recipes/just envying others for making them and promising myself I’ll try them next week lol.

    • I will do my best but I think you summed up how my email looks. All emails with recipes flagged or re-sent to myself to “make at a later date” aka never. 😉

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