NEVER Too Cold for Froyo

For all those claiming it’s too cold for ice cream or frozen yogurt, I say pish posh.  Of course, everyone in the midwest or areas with sub-0 temps, you are excluded but think about it, you wouldn’t have to worry about your sweet treat melting.  Maybe just worry about your fingers freezing off but that’s another story. 

I’ve sure mentioned my love for the frozen dessert a number of times. I’ve got my best friends, Ben & Jerry, my new addiction, 16 Handles, and really, isn’t Pinkberry just like yogurt? 😉 Today my friends marks National Frozen Yogurt Day.  Some claim it was Monday the 3rd but since I missed that memo, I’ll stick to the 6th.  Who knows which individual is graced with the task of coming up with these odd, obviously marketing-centric ideas but again, you don’t have to do much to get me to go.  Free + Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt = I’m sold. 

Pinkberry is actually giving away a free small with toppings for those who “Like” Pinkberry on Facebook and show the cashier the evidence on their mobile phone.  Since Pinkberry is a hop, skip, and jump away from my office, I will certainly be spending part of my lunch hour picking some up. 



10 thoughts on “NEVER Too Cold for Froyo

  1. How did I not know it’s national froyo day? Thanks for sharing, now I know how I plan to spend my night solo tonight since the friends/roommate are all gone and I have to celebrate freedom haha

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