Friday Favorites

Before I dive into Friday’s post, I want to share a quick story in which I witnessed a random act of kindness.  As I was walking home from the gym last night, there was an older homeless man on the sidewalk.  Like most people, I kept walking by but noticed a guy stop and chat with the man for a minute.  Soon after a young women gave him her leftover pizza box.  I didn’t have anything on me at the moment but I realized that we get so caught up in our own issues (and now phones) that we forget to stop and consider the world around us.  Stopping for a moment or giving someone something as small as your leftover food can really mean so much.  Maybe it’s giving someone on the sidewalk a smile (not in a creepy way) or a friendly hello.  You never know what small act can brighten or completely turn around someone’s day.  Anyhoo, onto my favs.

1 – Weekends.  More than enough time to explore, relax, work out, and indulge.  For me, indulging means running, grabbing a cup of coffee, and making a fun recipe.  It might also entail a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and picking up some hilarious or absolutely useless gadget 🙂  Fingers crossed the storms hold out or avoid my route to Baltimore this weekend!


2 – Decorating.  Or rather dreaming of decorating.  I could wander the aisles of Homegoods, Marshalls, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel for hours.  Oh the options, of the possibility.  A fresh start, some color, some promise for the future.


3 – Snail mail.  I remember the days where my sister and I would fight over who got the mail and would argue who could read the Real Simple magazine first.  Yes, we were, and still are, quite a charming duo.  Anyways, I still jump for joy when I spot a letter from my best friends or grandparents.  I was actually lucky enough to open a letter from my grandparents last week and find two sheets of stamps!  They knew I was in some desperate need of some and may not have had the desire to go purchase them.  Let’s just say I asked my sister to bring me some from home and my dad was not too pleased when they disappeared.  Oops 🙂 

IMG_2629 Anything beats the dreadmill, right?

4 – Group workouts. I’m loving my Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday classes and really feel a part of the group.  The weights are tough but I sort of enjoy the sore feeling.  It means I’m working hard, right?  And although I’m annoyed with the subtle hints to drop a couple hundred (thousand) dollars and sign up for personal training, I digging the music and group dynamic that’s associated with it all.


5 – Free frozen yogurt.  Recap from yesterday’s Pinkberry adventure and taste-testing of the latest flavor, vanilla-bean.  A bit icy, but it was Pinkberry style yogurt.  That and my reaction towards the waffle cookie was classic – “It tastes like a waffle.”  Very observant Kaitlin, very observant.


6 – Olympics! Why in the world did the games start yesterday when the Opening Ceremony is actually tonight?  Odd.  But that being said, I’m quite excited to fill my dinner hour catching up on various winer sports and supporting the good ‘ol USA.  There’s actually a member of the women’s luge team, Kate Hansen, that went to my high school and was in a few of my classes.  She’s quite the character and everyone I knew loved(s) her personality, sense of humor, and boldness.  Fun fact – she plays the ukelele.

With that, have a fabulous weekend!



11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Oh how cool! I used to skate with some people who are competing at the games this year, which is both cool and makes me wonder what I did with my life. Kidding 😉 I’m happy for all of us. I need more froyo this weekend; I’m sick thanks to the boys and know that it will feel good on my throat, so obviously that’s a must!

    • That’s such a neat story! I love seeing where people end up! I have a friend who was on my first soccer team (age 5?) and now she is playing professionally. I definitely think froyo would help 😉 Feel better!

    • Oh it used to be an art form! Like those chain letters 🙂 But like anything, it’s a two way process so you have to find the people who will write back 🙂

  2. So I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t get froyo yesterday BUT I’m going tonight so I’ll make up for it. Plus a million delicious desserts this weekend…

  3. Mm pink berry looks so good! Yay for snail mail, I love getting letters and actually love writing them too. I write letters to my parents:) have fun watching the Olympics, that’s what I’m doing too:)

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