Cupid’s Friday Favorites

It’s Valentine’s day?  Say what?  No date?  Bring on the CANDY!  That is, only the good stuff.  None of this cheapy Hershey business.  Yes, I’m going to be high-maintenance because I can 😉 I always like “holidays” for the thrill of the decorations and themed foods.  Valentine’s day doesn’t really mean (and really never has meant) much to me in terms of the romantic department.  It was fun to make Valentines but ever so awkward handing them out (unless you were in a class that required you to give one to everyone…that was muuuuch better).  Back in high school my sister would send flower grams to one another just for fun and of course there is my beau, Bodie 😉 Just kidding. (sorry if I’m repeating stories here, it’s a habit of mine – just ask my mom and sister)


But really, I don’t really consider the fact that I don’t have a date for tonight a problem.  In fact, I’m celebrating with my girl friends (single or dating!) tonight and we are going to have a blast.  I truly am grateful for all my friends and family so take that cupid. 😉

Some of my favorites for the week 

IMG_2853Mid-week manicures – What more can I say?  Adding a pop of color just brightens my day.

IMG_2800Running outside – It may be cold still (around 5ish on Wednesday morning!) but the couple times I got out side were worth it.  I especially miss running before work, but not enough to make it outside every day when it’s this cold.  I may have to hold off a few weeks or at least save my little trips to the east river or Central Park for the weekends. IMG_2771CHOBANI!!! – Excitement to the max when I found myself running from the east side, around Battery Park, and up into SOHO, where the one and only Chobani store is located.  Not only do they have an excellent array of options (both hot and cold, savory and sweet), but you get to KEEP the bowl your meal comes in.  Um, YES!  I made the trip a few months back and picked up the half portion but went full force for this breakfast. IMG_2797 have a simply wonderful day and weekend 🙂


16 thoughts on “Cupid’s Friday Favorites

  1. I want to run outsideeeee! Not sure it’s worth the freezing temps though haha the only way you could get me to run at 5am is if it’s warm enough for shorts. Midweek manicures… the best. Enjoy lots of valentine’s day candy! That’s what single girls are supposed to do, right? 😉

  2. Ahhh BEAUTIFUL view from your run 🙂 I love it when the Pittsburgh skyline randomly takes my breath away during a run…one of my favorite things to happen on one 🙂 Have a great Valentine’s Day and weekend hun!

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