What’s in a Weekend?

How does one normally spend time during the weekend?  Recovering from the week? Binge-watching House of Cards (or any television), exercising, brunching, exploring?  That seems to be the question.  While weekends are grand, a day off is wonderful,  making memories with new friends is the most marvelous feeling of all.

IMG_2904Friday was of course Valentine’s Day – chocolate lover’s day or singles awareness day or whatever mixed up naming convention you use to enjoy or abhor February 14th.  It’s not a day that really matters to me and it honestly turned out to be just another Friday.

Except that I made extremely delicious Girl Scout cookies that were devoured by my colleagues (nothing like a little compliment to get your weekend started) and we danced our hearts out until 3am at a 90’s theme bar.  Yes, I may still be struggling on the lack of sleep aspect, but screaming until your voice is gone and dancing like you don’t care to the Backstreet Boys, good ‘ol Brittany Spears, and N’SYNC is totally worth it.


Somehow I seem to gravitate towards those who happen to be blonde and are from Southern California.  Also semi-black&white makes everything look better, don’t you agree?

I thought it was hilarious that my “post-bar” meal consisted of a Samoa cookie, celery, almond butter, and glass of milk.  Not your average 3am snack, but it worked.  It was also funny because on Saturday, my roommates asked if I had a nice relaxing Valentine’s.  They thought I had been chilling in my room all night and were completely surprised that I was I was out later than they were (that says something).  See folks, although I may be living the granny lifestyle during the week (complete with tea+crossword), this girl does know how to have a good time in the city.

Thank goodness I loaded up on water throughout the night because Saturday morning I subjected myself to intense back-to-back classes at my gym.  Total Body Conditioning plus the ultimate spin class resulted in a very tired Kaitlin.  The spin class was an extra treat because it was lead by favorite instructor and he played music videos on the back wall.  This enabled us to focus on the strange ways artists portray their music instead of the pain we were feeling.


I decided to treat myself to brunch at Le Pain and watch the snow start to fall.  While the environment was enjoyable – quaint and perfect for a Saturday afternoon – I was underwhelmed by the food.  My meal – a tiny Belgian waffle and soft-boiled eggs – ended up being overpriced and nothing close to what I was craving, but an experience in itself.

The rest of the day I spent picking up groceries at Trader Joe’s, wandering through the glorious and endless aisles of Bed, Bath & Beyond (consumerism for the win), and watching a mix of Olympics and House of Cards with my roommates.

IMG_2958Note the use of my Trader Joe’s groceries

Sunday’s adventures topped it all.  After braving the cold for a 45 minute run (gallop through the snow), I took a shower, organized the pile of recipes I had accumulated, iced my legs, and watched parts of the Olympics.  From there, Laura I traveled north to the upper west side for brunch with some of friends (or friends of friends).  They all graudated from Pomona and found themselves on the east coast, although 3 of the 10 actually lived in the city (so much for expanding the friend group).

IMG_2959Best way to brunch = diner coffee and splitting two meals.  Therefore you get the best of sweet + savory. 

The next four or so hours proved to be quite intellectually intriguing.  I really didn’t have anything to contribute to the conversation (we were talking about immunity and neuroscience, and the biology and gene-aspects) but was intrigued by how the discussion was evolving.  I adore talking to strangers (or new friends), I loved how everyone was so passionate about something, and I was impressed by the fact that not a single individual pulled out his or her phone during the afternoon.  So different from other social scenarios I’ve been in.


Throughout the afternoon, we adventured up and around parts of Columbia University and then back down and around Central Park to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Whenever I think of the MET, I think back to The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, and how the two children manage to run away and stay inside the museum.

I admit, I was not the most respectable human being and did not pay full price to enter the museum.  However, I justify this by the fact it’s on a donation-based entry and I also plan to return for an entire day of exploration and then of course donate a proper amount.

IMG_3869Obviously not taken this weekend but you get the idea 

The New York Public Library.  Oh if I were only able to snap a picture of where I am sitting, I’m sure you would have an “Oh my goodness” moment as well.  The outside of the building is breath taking; a pure work of art but when you step inside, that’s where the true magic occurs.  It’s the “silent reading room” that is a beauty.  There are books lining the rims of the room, long wooden tables with simple, gold-styled lamps, and every seat filled with someone reading, writing, or typing away.  Note, I think I saw a total of ten PC’s in that room.  #applemonopoly

Sad part (for us patrons) is that they kick people out around 4:45pm every day.  Alas, I managed to hangout at Laura’s apartment, which actually resembles a house – complete with kitchen table and television.

I have yet to decide how I will spend today but I think it entails a cup of coffee and oodles of food preparation or baking.  My roommate left some of her prosecco in the fridge, so that might amount to Champagne truffles, and I picked up some salad items for work lunches.  For more marvelous fun, head over to Healthy Diva Eats and come back Wednesday for tips and instructions on this beauty.


“Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.”
– William Butler Yeats 

20 thoughts on “What’s in a Weekend?

  1. Ahh girl your weekend sounds absolutely amazing. I can see so many of the places you mentioned, and it makes me miss nyc a ton. That bar sounds like a blast (seriously 90s music was the best), and your snack sounds like something I would have haha. I agree with you about weekends, too. My favorites always involve a nice balance of fun and rest 🙂

  2. i remember you telling me about that mixed up files thing!! i was so clueless, and you were like whaa?!?! you’ve never heard of it!! hahaha. also, i’m trying to improve my phone usage, or rather over usage. i’m not to bad when i’m at dinner with other people or around other people, but when i’m bored or looking to pass the time it’s the first thing i grab. and the new york library!?? i am jealous beyond belief of that! i have never been there and i feel like once i finally do go there, i’ll secretly try to camp out in there and never leave ever again.

    • Oh that’s right! You have to read it 🙂 I’m totally guilty of the phone thing but mostly because I have the FOMO tendency or am trying to look busy while others are on their phone.

  3. Sounds like an amazing weekend to me! I really really love just listening to people talk about things they are passionate about. Also, major props to you for banging out TWO gym classes the day after you spent a night out dancing. No way would I have survived hahah

  4. Love seeing your experience in New York. I just started “House of Cards” after seeing everyone’s recommendation. Recipe for the Samoa cookies? Also saw that you’re going to Blend! See you there!

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