Where to Begin on Thursday Ramblings?

Soon enough I’ll start having full sentences as my title.  I’m getting a little lazy or lacking creativity.  Oh well, onto some random thoughts of the week.

I really should start to document my life via camera more often.  This is after watching all the Ameritrade ads that Olympians’ growing up and while I may have totally missed the boat on the olympics, maybe someone will want to view my wacky life some day.  Maybe I’ll make a movie about my life. 😉 Stay tuned for a Sundance Film Festival invitation.

I’m still riding the high of my Samoa experiment.  I may have snacked on a one during Tuesday’s dinner prep and followed dinner up with another one.  Since I’m down to my last one (yes, I shared with people Mother), it’s time to consider my next recipe experiment or exploration. There’s Wisco custard at 5oz and the various hot chocolates around Manhattan (City Bakery for one) but what are some of the top dessert trends for 2014?  Berries.com had stumbled upon my fall cronut experiment, a dessert that swept the city in late 2013, and came up with their own predictions for this year.  Most people are going for the experiential dessert rather than the classic dessert

Some of my favorites include:

  • Ice cream sandwiches –  I’m an ice cream gal through and through and adore the mix-and-match potential that is offered by CoolHause (LA classic) or Diddy Reese (another LA favorite in Westwood).  I might even make my own sandwiches when the weather gets warmer and people are more willing to help me taste-test.  I guess people think 30F is too cold for ice cream?
  • Drinkable desserts – Boozy desserts such as the adult milkshakes made their mark last year, but there should also be a great deal of hot chocolates hitting the market.  This will be perfect for my “Top 5” hot cocoa lists 🙂
  • Puddings – I’m interested to see how chefs can re-invent this childhood classic and entice us to enough to pay triple the price (Maybe the Root Beer Pudding, topped with crushed root beer candies and smoked cashews, at Alder in New York City will be worth while)
  • Tea-flavored Treats – We are all familiar with green tea from mochi to ice cream to Starbucks’ frappacuino but keep an eye out for even more tea-flavored items.

What do you think should be the next big sweet trend?

The Bachelorette is quite the trashy show and I am addicted to every minute of it.  Part of me is sick of all the girls crying all the time and thinking they are all in love with a man their barely know.  Drama + catty girls + one guy dating 25 women (simultaneously) yeah count me out.  But it makes me feel better knowing that each one of them wants to find that one guy to have fun with at the end of the day; something everyone wants, just not in such a wacky environment.  Although I would not want to be in their shoes so props for holding it out for that long.  Also, it’s fun to catch up with my girl friends about it.  Even though we are over 2,000 miles apart, it’s like we are watching together.

Ok, I have to justify (at least for myself) that I balance this out by watching Ted Talks, the Olympics, and do the crossword daily.  Just saying 🙂

I’m quite skilled at giving myself heartburn.  Not sure that’s a skill I should note, announce, or include in my resume but think it has to do with the fact I eat after walking home from the gym, which is usually 8:45 or later.  From there I bee-line it to the stove and start cooking some sort of grilled veggie. omelette, or grilled cheese concoction, which then gets inhaled at rapid speed.  Also, the fact that I split my attention between three forms of technology as well as my food, probably doesn’t help.  Let’s see, Tuesday topped it all with Instagram on my phone, the Bachelorette on my compute (while simultaneously booking a flight on Expedia), and Olympic’s snowboard cross on the TV.


Each day I think I should give up coffee and then I wake up and crave the rich and bold flavor.  It’s not as much the caffeine, although that could be my brain trying to convince me otherwise.  However, according to my active.com email yesterday, it’s ranked one of the top superfoods and is one of the best sources of antioxidants worldwide – helps prevent diabetes, certain cancers, strengthens DNA, great for skin, and lowers early risk of death.  Guess that means I’m off to find a cup of Dunkin or iced coffee at Bouchon Bakery.

5e60d420cf387535f657d53698db3e66I believe this is how I look as I traverse through Manhattan.

So excited for this weekend because the weather is supposed to hit high 40s!! Who would have thought that I, a California native, would be so excited for the 40’s?  For the record, I don’t mind the cold but the snow is not making my half-marathon training any easier.

“Striving for perfection is the greatest stopper there is.… It’s your excuse to yourself for not doing anything. Instead, strive for excellence, doing your best.”
– Sir Laurence Olivier


14 thoughts on “Where to Begin on Thursday Ramblings?

  1. I want to try Diddy Reese so badly! My roommate talks about it all the time and I am so jealous when she sends me snapchats from home. And this weather. Yes. Please. It’s been in the mid 50s here all week. Let’s see how fast we can melt this snow!

  2. i think we talked about giving up coffee when i was in nyc. it always sounds like such a good idea, and then i get realllll crabby and realllll sleepy in the morning and not killing someone sounds like a better idea sooooo coffee it is! haha. and it 45 degrees in wisco yesterday, i had the biggest dumb smile on my face all day because that kind of weather in feb just makes a girl wanna do backflips!!

  3. Ice cream sandwiches! Yes!! That would be amazing…what if they made ice cream sandwich shops like froyo shops…you pick the cookie (or cookies if you want two different/want to make a big mac version), ice cream, toppings, dipping sauce, etc? My mouth is watering thinking of the possibilities 😉

  4. LOVE the Walking with A Purpose image. I’m that girl who’s always 3-5 steps ahead of everyone else when walking places. I’d like to think it’s because I have long legs but mostly, I just want to get there. Especially if it involves food 🙂

    • Oh you and I are quite alike then 🙂 I am always a few feet ahead. In college I had to train myself to slow down or walk behind my friends because it took them forever to get anywhere!

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