Marvelous Beginning of March

Weekends are marvelous but when I have difficult time turning my brain off, it can be tough. I admit, I’m one of those goody-two shoes who wants to go above and beyond, doesn’t like to get in trouble, and wants everything to work perfectly on the first try.  Yeah, good luck with that Kaitlin.  So when work picked up significantly last week, I knew it was important to make my weekend and time away from my desk simply marvelous.


Friday started (or ended) with a few splurge items from Whole Foods – sushi and this beyond amazing ice cream.  This may be my new favorite brand simply due to the creaminess and pairing of coconut and chocolate (my two favorite flavors).

I was feeling a little exhausted from the week and when I got home, I found a care package from one of my best friends, Laura, who is all the way out in San Francisco.  She had made me some of her favorite granola and even packaged it in a fancy little mason jar.  That, along with a number of other goodies (including an adorable hand-written card), made my night for sure.


Saturday consisted of a workout class, some much needed stretching and foam rolling, and a lengthy trip down to SOHO.  My original plan was to camp out at one of the few Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shops in Manhattan but I guess plans are meant to be broken.  After wandering aimlessly for awhile, I stopped into a local bagel shop to see what the hype was about.  All I can say is boy, New Yorkers and their bagels.  Marvelous, just marvelous.

Marvelous molasses cookies –  I brought a majority of these beauties into work, where thank goodness they were well received.  More were sent off in snail mail packages to my friends on the west coast.


When I went to college, my mom told me to each door in my dorm and offer cookies to make friends.  Ok, I may be twisting the story just a tad (I can’t recall the exact breakdown) but I figure that baking still might win my coworkers/bosses over.

Sunday was a monumental day when I attended a yoga class and actually liked it.  My legs have been acting up with a chronic soreness and while I decided to push through a spin class, I knew I needed something more therapeutic and relaxing.

IMG_3147I’m pretty certain I can diagnose my leg issues as “chronic soreness” based on this month’s Runner’s World articles.  I’m not too pleased with my legs at the moment but it’s better to realize what I’m doing wrong before I get too beyond hurt.  I’m still looking into what to do or not to do and it looks like rest, stretching, foam rolling, and so on.  I even have picked up a weekend treat of “Chinese Foot Massage” visits in SOHO.   I have no clue how people learn to rub muscles out like that and while it certainly hurt, it was worth it.

IMG_3153_Fotor_Collage What I love about New York is that I can take a quick subway ride and I’m in a completely new area of Manhattan.  I’d love to really document the various trips in the city but I was amazed at how vibrant Little Italy and Chinatown were, how cheap the prices were ($1.50 for two boxes of strawberries!), and how much variety was out there.

I ended the weekend relaxing by watching golf, making an eggplant lasagna, and soaking up every bit of Oscar fun. Golf isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it was something I grew up watching and playing on the weekends and has become something familiar when I’m at home.

ec5edf6cc3007aa6013dee0894dc0aa7For more marvelous adventures, check out the crew at Healthy Diva Eats.


17 thoughts on “Marvelous Beginning of March

  1. That bagel made me so hungry! There is seriously nothing like a New York bagel! Looks like a great weekend!

  2. Aw hun I’m glad you got to recharge with some fun stuff this weekend. I’ve been making a much bigger effort to stretch/foam roll/do yoga, too, and as much as I hate it, I know it’s helping. My legs feel a lot better and my runs were much more solid this weekend after taking care of them. encourages me to keep going with it haha

  3. bubble tea!! gah that stuff is so freaking good but i haven’t had it in ages. I would do some switch ups in your routine with other exercises rather than running to see if it helps. maybe they just need a little break 😉

  4. Boooo for the leg pain but yay for the foot massage! AND A BAGEL!! I want a bagel even though I just had one like an hour ago haha I really hope your legs start to feel better soon. Most frustrating thing in the world.

  5. I am dying to try New York bagels. And that iced coffee looks amazing as well! Hopefully your leg issues resolve quickly! Sounds like you’re definitely doing all the right things 🙂 Happy Monday!

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