Lent, Eats, and a NYC Anniversary

Well, well, well.  Not only am I back for this week’s WIAW party at Peas & Crayons, but it marks my 6th month anniversary in the concrete jungle!

  • Manhattan is not just Manhattan.  In fact, there are tons of little neighborhoods that people refer to all the time.  Yeah, I definitely was not an expert at this when I was looking for housing.
  • Don’t expect to leave the house and not spend at least $20.  I’m lucky during the week because I pack most of my meals, stay in the office, and my gym membership is paid off at the beginning of the month.  Weekends are an entirely different and often scary story.
  • More than half of your paycheck will go to rent.  That is unless you work in finance.  Then your work hours suck so I guess it’s worth it.
  • The people who operate the subway are not always happy people.  You can hear their lovely voices screaming for you to “stand clear of the closing doors”.  But, I understand why they get annoyed when citizens feel the needs to thrust themselves into the already packed car, making it look like a can of sardines.
  • The winter isn’t that cold if you have the right gear – I’m talking one of those Metropolis North Face coats and Uggs or Sorels.  Sure we’ve had some snow storms and sub-zero days but hey, spring is on its way.  Maybe because I spend most of my time in a warm office building or run on the warm side, but I haven’t been affected (knock on wood).
  • Stay out of Times Square and Macy’s if you don’t want to be trampled by tourists.
  • Definitely try the bagels and pizza.  I’m not an expert on bread products, that is my sister’s area of expertise, but New Yorkers do know how to make their bagels and pizza dough.  I think it has something to do with the water used, but whatever it may be, keep it going.
  • Even though there is quite the hustle and bustle, there is a great deal of chivalry still alive.  It’s rare that a man does not hold open the door for women, which is something I thought long gone.
  • You can buy your groceries pretty much anywhere but make sure you have cash on hand.  Those ATM fees are not fun.
  • There are so many hidden gems in the city – from food to fashion to plain ‘ol people watching.  You just need to get out of your apartment, stop looking down at your phone and take a look around.

So, as you may have read, the last six months have been quite a journey.  From finding roommates, housing, an internship, and landing a job, I’d say that’s only a part of the success I’ve had as my first big steps into the adult world.

As for work, now that we are approaching March Madness, the load has picked up significantly.  I have never had so many e-mails come in, be flagged, and left outstanding at the end of the day, which is sometimes late.  All in all it’s been a great experience so far – very taxing at times but helpful to learn and grow.  I also love working in such a close knit group.  My colleagues are definitely part of the reason I love my job.

I now understand what it means to be so stressed you don’t feel like eating or plumb forget to eat. Below is a look a my more recent food choices, most of which occur at the office.


Breakfast – Yogurt, granola, and berries

Lunch – Leftover eggplant lasagna with arugula

Snack – seemingly gross but actually delicious green juice from the overpriced Whole Foods

Dinner – eggplant lasagna with salmon and arugula (I’m not usually a fan of leftovers but Sunday’s cooking extravaganza lasted me quite a few meals)

Dessert – my new favorite coconut milk mint chip ice cream with whipped cream and strawberries


Today also happens to be Ash Wednesday.  For the past four years I’ve been able to attend Ash Wednesday service at the Santa Clara mission, but obviously that’s bit difficult to achieve this year.  I also usually plan to give up some sort of food during the Lenten season, what my family jokes is the “Lenten Diet” as my sister and I have very little religious education.  When I thought about what I could abstain from, I realized I don’t eat that much junk food, have gotten smart about my desserts, and haven’t been drinking since I’m training for a half marathon.

I’d like to consider ways to stress-less and instead focus on the good things in life.  Maybe I’ll make a point to do one random act of kindness each day or just smile more.  Although, that could be creepy, so only the future will tell.

IMG_3187Have a fabulous Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Lent, Eats, and a NYC Anniversary

  1. I LOVE your idea for lent. I used to say I was going to participate in lent and then realized I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons since I rarely go to church. Stress or an act of kindness though- those are things you can do to just make us all around better people 🙂 Oh, and I spit out my hot chocolate reading “seemingly gross but actually delicious green juice from the overpriced Whole Foods”. You’re my hero. Happy NY anniversary!

  2. I like your stress-less idea for lent! Also that’s exciting you’v been in the big city for 6 months. I’d love to live in the city, but I must find a job first so I’m not a starving artist on the streets. 😀

  3. Happy 6 months!!! I remember my first year there…counting every single month. Time flew and 10 years went by 🙂
    Just hit my one year in Denver about 2 months ago!

  4. That’s a great idea for lent! I was thinking about giving up complaining or whining. 😉 not that I do it often I just want to focus on all the positives.

    And I would love to live in NYC for a bit. I visited once and it is just a magical place. ☺️ plus I love sex in the city so that’s what I imagine life is like living there. 😉

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