By Golly A Green Holiday

Goodness, am I already late to the St. Patty’s day fun?  I may not celebrate the “holiday” as everyone else does, but I sure do love some themed fun.  I mean, how much better can it get than some Lucky Charms, and green food?  Yeah, my sister and mom didn’t buy into that one either.


Pasta with pesto, green dye pancakes, and maybe even some green bagels.  Although, maybe if I’m loading up on some green sweet treats, I’ll start the meal all-natural with some goodies like these.


When we were little it was all about the leprechauns creating havoc in our rooms, throwing all the Beanie Babies across the floor, and then turning our milk a shady color green, and plopping a box of Lucky Charms on the counter.  The one time a year we got sugary cereal and all I would do was pick out the marshmallows.


Let’s be real, I can’t escape the fun filled recipes overwhelmed by cereal and fun colored dyes.  I love every minute of it.  As I’m sure you’ve all found, it’s quite easy to dream up plans and shenanigans through the help of Pinterest.  But, seeing as I’m not hosting any fun outings and St. Patty’s day is on a Monday, I doubt I’ll put most of them to the test.  It’s pretty much nursing an unhealthy addiction to crafting and perfectionism but who cares, right?


Supposedly there is a large St. Patrick’s day festival that occurs every year, although I’m not sure what happened if it’s on a week day.  Do they have the parade during the weekend? Well, knowing New York, they probably still have it on the actual day, because why not find a reason to drink and be merry?

“For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way –
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.”
~Author Unknown

7 thoughts on “By Golly A Green Holiday

  1. What a gorgeous smoothie – and those rice krispy treats look pretty fantastic too. I sure wish I could be enjoying one beverage, but unfort. its all illegal here in Kuwait Oh well, theres always Sept. when we visit.

  2. I just really like marshmallows soooo since half of these recipes have them, I think we should have a baking day. Just saying.

  3. My mum dyed our eggs green one year for st pattys day and we refused to eat them haha. Poor mum. She tried hard to make all holidays special. Nowadays I am all about themed foods and whatnot, especially when they’re for st pattys day 😉

  4. i’m not big into st. paddy’s day, so i’ve always called it kermit the frog day. because i am all about kermit the frog!! it ain’t easy being green! haha 🙂

  5. Hahah I STILL pick out the marshmallows whenever I’m given some lucky charms. They’re so sweet, though, that I usually end up over-eating them and feeling a bit nauseous haha ;). No self control for this girl!

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